Aavas Finance Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040

Aavas Finance Share Price Target

Navigating the ebbs and flows of the stock market can be a thrilling yet daunting task, especially when it comes to investing in companies like Aavas Financiers.

With its share price constantly on the move, keeping an eye on Aavas Finance’s share price target becomes crucial for both seasoned investors and market newcomers.

I’ve delved deep into the latest forecasts and expert analyses to bring you a comprehensive overview of Aavas Finance’s share price targets. Whether you’re planning your next investment move or simply keeping tabs on the market, understanding these targets can provide valuable insights into the company’s potential financial trajectory.

Let’s dive into what the experts are saying and what it means for your investment portfolio.

Aavas Finance Share Price Target 2025

As I delve deeper into the dynamic world of stock market predictions, I can’t help but focus on Aavas Financiers, a company whose financial trajectory appears promising. The share price targets for Aavas Financiers offer a fascinating insight into where this company’s value might head in the near future, particularly by 2025.

Understanding these targets is crucial for anyone looking to invest in Aavas Financiers. Based on current trends and comprehensive analyses, the share price predictions for Aavas Financiers reflect both optimism and caution. Using the latest forecasts and expert analyses, I’ve been able to gather a clear picture of the potential highs and lows that investors might expect.

For 2025, the share price targets for Aavas Financiers provide a broad spectrum of possibilities. Here’s a breakdown:

Time FrameDownside Target 1 (INR)Downside Target 2 (INR)Upside Target 1 (INR)Upside Target 2 (INR)

The variability in these targets highlights the importance of staying informed and agile in your investment strategy. If Aavas Financiers’ price is trending below specific points, it suggests a higher likelihood of hitting the downside targets. Conversely, trading above those markers increases the probability of reaching the upside targets.

For savvy investors, keeping a close eye on these pivot points is essential. It’s also vital to remember that while these predictions offer guidance, the stock market’s volatility means strategies should remain flexible. In my analysis, I consider various factors including market conditions, economic indicators, and company performance to provide a well-rounded view of what the future holds for Aavas Financiers’ share price.

Aavas Finance Share Price Today

When I took a glance at Aavas Financiers’ current market performance, it was clear that understanding its share price movements is crucial for any investor looking to make informed decisions. As of the latest update on February 5, 2024, Aavas Financiers’ share price stood at Rs 1,447.65, reflecting a dip of 2.46% from its previous close of Rs 1,504.85. This movement is part of a broader trend observed over the last month, with the share price witnessing a decrease of 7.582%.

Delving deeper, Aavas Financiers has showcased volatility that is synonymous with the stock market’s inherent nature. The opening price was Rs 1,510.00, and it fluctuated to a high of Rs 1,522.65 before settling at a closing price of Rs 1,484.05 on the reviewed date. Within this session, the share prices oscillated between a low of Rs 1,481.30 and the session high, which hints at the investor sentiment and market dynamics affecting its valuation.

What’s fascinating is the broader picture that the 52-week high and low provide. Aavas Financiers reached an annual high of Rs 2,411.40, juxtaposed with a significantly lower point at Rs 1,335.50. The past quarter’s performance, where it reached highs of Rs 1,625.00 and lows of Rs 1,403.15, demonstrates that Aavas is trading in the lower range of its yearly and quarterly prices. This range-bound performance underlines the importance of staying vigilant and adaptable to shifts in market trends.

Understanding these figures is paramount for predicting future movements. Current performance metrics such as the PE Ratio of 24.11, Earning per Share of 60.03, along with the Price/Sales and Price to Book ratios, offer a nuanced view of Aavas Financiers’ financial health and market position. Any shift in these numbers can signal a change in stock performance, making it essential for investors to keep a pulse on these dynamics.

Aavas Share Price Target 2024

When examining Aavas Financiers and projecting its share price target for 2024, I closely track historical data, current market trends, and the company’s performance metrics. These elements are pivotal in forming a solid forecast that can guide investors and stakeholders. Keeping an eye on the price fluctuations and target projections is crucial for anyone looking to make informed decisions in the stock market.

Weekly and Monthly Targets Insights

The weekly and monthly share price targets for Aavas Financiers offer a glimpse into the short-term expectations for the stock. By analyzing these figures, we can understand the potential support and resistance levels which are vital for day traders and short-term investors.

Time FrameDownside Target 1Downside Target 2Upside Target 1Upside Target 2

The data presented indicates that if Aavas’s price finds itself below certain thresholds (1504.75 weekly and 1522.52 monthly), it leans towards achieving its downside targets. Conversely, trading above these prices suggests a higher likelihood of reaching upside targets. This pattern of support and resistance provides a roadmap for anticipating future movements.

Daily Observations and Predictions

Focusing on daily targets can be incredibly insightful for those who actively trade or are considering shorter investment horizons.

Downside Target 1Downside Target 2Upside Target 1Upside Target 2

Similar to the weekly and monthly projections, the daily targets hinge on current trading positions. If Aavas’s price trends are below 1496, a bearish outcome is more likely, pointing to the importance of closely monitoring opening and closing prices for daily insights.

Aavas Finance Share Price Target 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, I’ve pieced together a comprehensive outlook on Aavas Financiers’ share price targets, leveraging the most up-to-date market analysis. It’s crucial for investors like us to keep an eye on these projections, as they offer a glimpse into potential market movements and help in making informed decisions.

At the beginning of February 2024, Aavas Financiers was trading around INR 1484.05. Market experts have put forward various targets for the stock, indicating a range of possibilities based on current and anticipated market conditions.

Share Price TargetValue (INR)
Target 11351.9
Target 21502.11
Target 31515.95
Target 41530.87
Target 51532.45
Target 61685.7

A blend informs these targets of technical analysis, historical performance, and market trends. For short-term traders, closely watching these fluctuating targets can pinpoint opportune moments to buy or sell. Investors with a long-term view, however, might focus on the higher range of these targets, particularly Target 6 at INR 1685.7, as an indicator of Aavas’s robust growth potential.

It’s also useful to note the perspectives from major financial analysts. For instance, Motilal Oswal has set a Neutral rating on Aavas with a target of INR 1680, aligning closely with the highest forecasted target. Meanwhile, Prabhudas Lilladher suggests a more cautious Hold with a target of INR 1560.

Navigating the share market requires not just looking at potential highs and lows but also understanding the underlying factors driving these predictions. Market sentiment, regulatory changes, and Aavas Financiers’ own performance metrics play significant roles. As I track these dynamics, I’m constantly recalibrating my expectations for Aavas’s performance, staying ready to adjust my investment strategy in response to new information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring investment opportunities in the financial sector, Aavas Financiers often comes under scrutiny. Given its performance and potential in the market, it’s no surprise that investors and analysts frequently debate its viability as an investment. In this section, I will address some of the most pressing questions about Aavas Financiers.

Is Aavas Financiers a Good Buy?

Determining whether Aavas Financiers is a good buy involves a multifaceted analysis of its market performance, growth prospects, and recent financial health. Analyst opinions on Aavas Financiers have been somewhat varied. ICICI Securities is bullish, recommending a buy rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 1,800. On the other hand, Motilal Oswal has given a neutral rating with a target price of Rs 1,700.

Kotak analysts have upgraded Aavas Financiers from ‘Add’ to ‘Buy’, setting a price target of Rs 1,950, indicating a strong belief in its growth potential. Additionally, its robust performance, even amidst management changes and operational challenges, signifies resilient business fundamentals.

The company’s steadfast approach towards not restructuring any borrower accounts and maintaining an additional provision for potential COVID-19 impacts at 190.3 million showcases its strong risk management framework. These aspects make Aavas Financiers a contender for a good buy in the eyes of many investors. Yet, as always, it’s crucial to align such investments with individual risk tolerance and financial goals.

What was the Result of Aavas Finance Q4?

The quarterly financial performance of Aavas Financiers provides critical insights into its operational efficiency and growth trajectory. For the quarter ending March, Aavas Financiers reported a profit of 87.61 million rupees, up from 59.93 million rupees in the same quarter the previous year. This indicates substantial year-on-year profitability growth.

Moreover, the company has consistently enhanced its revenue streams over the quarters. With a focused approach on serving low and middle-income self-employed customers in India’s semi-urban and rural areas, Aavas Financiers leverages a technology-driven model to tap into an underpenetrated market segment. The success of this strategy is evident in its revenue beat in Q2, surpassing analyst forecasts.


Navigating the investment landscape can be challenging, but the diverse analyst opinions on Aavas Financiers offer a valuable perspective. From ICICI Securities‘ optimistic view to Kotak’s strong buy recommendation, it’s clear that Aavas has garnered attention for its robust growth and solid financial performance. The company’s ability to outperform market expectations, especially in its latest quarterly results, underscores its potential. Whether you’re swayed by ICICI’s bullish stance or Kotak’s confidence, investing in Aavas requires careful consideration of its growth trajectory and market position. Armed with these insights, I’m poised to make an informed decision aligning with my investment strategy.

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