Sameera Agro And Infra IPO: Dates and Other Details

sameera agro and infra ipo

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the stock market’s horizon, you might’ve caught wind of the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO, making waves in the SME sector. It’s not just any IPO; this is a fresh issue hitting the NSE Emerge with a bang. I’m here to dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes this IPO stand out and why it’s got investors talking.

With a total issue size of Rs 62.64 Cr, Sameera Agro And Infra’s entry is poised to make a significant splash. From its opening on December 21st to its closing on December 27th, 2023, the buzz has been building. I’ll walk you through the essential details, from the IPO’s fixed price to the lot size you’ll need to grab a slice of the action. Stay tuned as we unpack the potential of Sameera Agro And Infra Limited and what it could mean for your investment portfolio.

Sameera Agro And Infra IPO Details

The details surrounding the Sameera Agro and Infra Limited IPO are crucial for investors aiming to make an informed decision. With the IPO scheduled to be open from December 21, 2023, to December 27, 2023(1), the company sets out a fixed price issue IPO. Each share is priced at ₹180, with a face value of ₹10, making the entry point for investors quite accessible considering the growth prospects of the SME sector.

Investors interested in this opportunity must note the minimum lot size mandated for the issue, which stands at 800 shares. This means that one needs to invest in at least one lot to partake in the IPO.

Here’s a breakdown of the key statistics pertaining to the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO:

IPO DateFace ValuePrice Per ShareLot SizeTotal Issue SizeFresh IssueIssue TypeListing At
Dec 21 – Dec 27, 2023₹10₹1808003,480,000 shares3,480,000 sharesFixed Price Issue IPONSE SME

The total shares on offer accumulate to 3,480,000, which aggregates to a substantial ₹62.64 Cr(2) in financial terms. This injection of fresh capital denotes the exact issue size and highlights the absence of a secondary market sale, meaning all proceeds are headed to the company’s growth strategies.

The offering also includes a segment for the market maker, Svcm Securities, which holds 184,000 shares, a feature common in many SME IPOs to enhance liquidity post-listing.

With the post-issue shareholding slated to increase to 11,909,800 shares from a pre-issue holding of 8,429,800 shares, the dilution of equity is evident. However, it also opens up the company’s equity base to public shareholders and ensures a wider distribution of its future earnings potential.

This capital-raising endeavor by Sameera Agro And Infra Limited appears strategically timed to capitalize on the ongoing enthusiasm in the SME sector, and the fixed price of the shares seems positioned to attract investors looking for new ventures within this vibrant segment of the market.

Sameera Agro And Infra IPO Timeline

When looking at the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO, timing is everything. The IPO opens on Thursday, December 21, 2023, providing investors an early opportunity to get involved with the company’s growth. It’s important to make note of the IPO close date, which is set for Wednesday, December 27, 2023. This gives potential investors a short window of time to decide whether to take part in this IPO. The cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation is 5 PM on the closing date.

Following the closure of the offering, the basis of allotment is to occur just a day later, on December 28, 2023. This quick turnaround is crucial as it clarifies to investors whether they’ve succeeded in their bid for shares. In the event that one doesn’t receive an allotment, the initiation of refunds takes place the subsequent day, which is set for Friday, December 29, 2023. For those who do secure shares, the credit of shares to Demat accounts is also on December 29, 2023, streamlining the process and reinforcing the efficiency of this IPO’s management.

Anticipation builds as the listing date is scheduled for Monday, January 1, 2024. This marks the day when investors can begin trading their shares and potentially reap the benefits of their investment. It’s an exciting time for both Sameera Agro And Infra Limited and its new shareholders as they embark on a journey together following the IPO.

To illustrate the timetable further, here’s a summarisation of the key dates for reference:

IPO ActivityDate
IPO Open DateThursday, December 21, 2023
IPO Close DateWednesday, December 27, 2023
Basis of AllotmentThursday, December 28, 2023
Initiation of RefundsFriday, December 29, 2023
Credit of Shares to DematFriday, December 29, 2023
Listing DateMonday, January 1, 2024

Sameera Agro And Infra IPO Lot Size

Investing in an IPO requires understanding the lot size and the investment required. The Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO introduces specific lot sizes for different categories of investors. For retail investors, the minimum lot size is set at 800 shares. This translates to a fixed application amount of ₹144,000 since the price per share is steady at ₹180. The IPO does not allow retail investors to exceed this limit, maintaining it at just one lot per application.

HNI (High Networth Individual) investors have a separate investment bracket with the minimum application set at two lots. Consequently, HNIs need to buy a minimum of 1,600 shares amounting to ₹288,000. The categorization into retail and HNI investors ensures diversified participation and gives retail investors a fair chance to invest in the burgeoning SME sector.

Investment Table for Sameera Agro And Infra IPO

Here’s a quick glance at how the lot size translates into the investment:

Retail (Min)1800₹144,000
Retail (Max)1800₹144,000
HNI (Min)21,600₹288,000

Sameera Agro And Infra Limited has been strategic in defining these lot sizes. I must emphasize that the delineated lot sizes reflect the company’s intention to make the IPO accessible to a broad spectrum of investors. With affordability in check for retail investors and a higher investment opportunity for HNIs, the company balances interest from various investing domains.

Understanding the lot size is crucial for investors as it sets the foundation for the number of shares they can bid for. The fixed lot size also indicates that I’ll require a specific amount of capital to participate in the IPO. Keeping these numbers in mind for any investor looking to step into the SME platform is essential for planning their investment strategy.

Sameera Agro And Infra IPO Promoter Holding

Savvy investors often scrutinize the promoter holding details when looking into an IPO. Promoter confidence is a signal to potential investors about the long-term vision and commitment the management has toward the company’s growth. In the case of Sameera Agro And Infra Limited, substantial promoter holding changes are on the horizon.

Before the IPO, the promoter group—headed by Mr. Satya Murthy Sivalenka and Mrs. Kameswari Satya Murthy Sivalenka—held a commanding 97.49% of the company. A high promoter share indicates strong control and belief in the company’s fundamentals. However, with the launch of the IPO, this dynamic is set to shift.

Share HoldingPercentage
Pre Issue97.49%
Post Issue69.00%

Post-IPO, the promoter’s holding will decrease to 69.00%. It’s a significant dilution of equity but not uncommon in public offerings. This transition reflects the company’s initiative to democratize ownership, allowing public investors to partake in the company’s journey and future profits.

This shift isn’t just a formality; it’s a substantial financial alteration that redistributes the company’s power structure. Though the promoters will hold less than before, a 69.00% stake still enables them to make key decisions without much outside interference. Meanwhile, investors gain the opportunity to influence company strategies with their investment choices and voting rights.

The rebalanced equity also serves a practical purpose for Sameera Agro And Infra Limited. The reduced promoter holding allows for fresh capital inflow, which might fund expansion plans, pay off debts, or invest in new ventures. It’s a strategic move that could spearhead growth and potentially enhance investor confidence.

This financial reshaping highlights an essential aspect of the IPO: understanding the promoter’s intention and their future role in the company. It’s a crucial consideration for investors aiming to gauge the long-term stability and governance of Sameera Agro And Infra Limited.

Sameera Agro And Infra IPO Reservation

When diving into the specifics of an IPO, understanding how shares are distributed among investor categories is crucial. For the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO, the company has strategically structured the allocation. They’ve earmarked a balanced split between retail investors and other investor categories. Here’s a breakdown of how the shares are offered:

Investor CategoryShares Offered
Retail Shares Offered50% of the net offer
Other Shares Offered50% of the net offer

This equitable approach towards IPO reservation speaks volumes about the company’s intent to engage a broad investor base. With half of the net offer aimed at empowering retail investors, there’s an underlying message that Sameera Agro And Infra Limited values widespread shareholder participation. It’s a move that’s likely designed to enhance liquidity post-listing and foster a sense of collective ownership among a diverse set of stakeholders.

For retail investors, the allotment status is among the most anticipated aspects of an IPO. Retail participants keen on owning a slice of Sameera Agro And Infra Limited can anticipate the allotment results on December 28, 2023. In case of an oversubscription, which is a possibility given the balanced reservation, the odds of securing an allotment could become competitive.

Should the retail category of the Sameera Agro And Infra IPO be oversubscribed, the company has pledged a commitment to a fair distribution of shares. I find it impressive how they plan to execute this pledge: ensuring that every retail investor receives a minimum of one lot to the extent that shares are available. Nevertheless, if the demand outpaces supply significantly, a random lottery system will be employed, mirroring the equity of opportunity that the IPO reservation phase set out to achieve.

Mark your calendars for January 1, 2024, as this is when Sameera Agro And Infra Limited is scheduled to list on the NSE SME exchange. With this date in mind, prospective shareholders can start preparing to make their first trades, assuming they’ve successfully navigated the allotment process and secured their desired shares.

Sameera Agro And Infra Limited Financial Information

In examining Sameera Agro And Infra Limited’s financial health, it’s imperative to scrutinize the figures that reveal the company’s economic trajectory. I’ve dug into the data, and here’s what stands out: There’s been a notable jump in assets from ₹3,630.77 lakhs to ₹6,053.48 lakhs over the last couple of years, underscoring the company’s expansion.

Here’s a quick rundown of the progression in Sameera Agro And Infra Limited’s financial metrics over recent periods:

Period Ended30 Sep 202331 Mar 202331 Mar 202231 Mar 2021
Profit After Tax692.191,003.73274.17122.15
Net Worth2,569.661,877.47873.74599.57
Reserves and Surplus1,726.681,034.49452.25178.08
Total Borrowing323.12323.12323.1275.45

Amount in ₹ Lakhs

The figures illustrate an impressive uptick in revenue with an approximate increment of 31.79%, grossing at ₹9,436.52 lakhs by the half-year ended September 2023. More remarkably, the profit after tax (PAT) catapulted by an impressive 266.1% within the financial year ending March 2023. Such numbers are indicative of the robust financial management and growth strategies in place.

About Sameera Agro And Infra Limited

Since its inception on March 8, 2002, Sameera Agro And Infra Limited, originally known as Sameera Homes Private Limited, has established itself as a key player in the infrastructure development and construction sector. Following a period of significant growth and expansion, the company took on its current name on April 18, 2023. This name change reflects the company’s broader scope of operations beyond its initial focus.

The firm is involved in a diverse range of projects across various sectors, such as residential, commercial, and industrial. With expertise in constructing multi-faceted developments, including apartments, townships, and multi-storied complexes, they’ve garnered a strong reputation in the field. This prowess isn’t just anecdotal; their financial performance corroborates their capabilities.

In the financial year ending March 31, 2023, I noticed that Sameera Agro And Infra Limited’s revenue grew by 31.79%, a testament to their strategic operations and market adaptation. Perhaps even more impressive is the 266.1% jump in their Profit After Tax (PAT) within the same period. To give you a clearer picture, let me lay out the actual figures:

Financial Year EndingRevenue Growth (%)Profit After Tax (PAT) Growth (%)
March 31, 2022
March 31, 202331.79266.1

This steep upward trajectory in their financial health demonstrates not just resilience but an aggressive pursuit of growth and efficiency that resonates well with potential investors. My focus on analyzing stats and figures leads me to appreciate the strategic timing of their IPO. The market’s interest in SMEs is rising, and Sameera Agro And Infra Limited seems to be positioning itself to capitalize on this wave, which could explain its decision to go public.

Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO Review

When analyzing the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO, it’s crucial to consider several core components that contribute to my optimistic perspective on this investment opportunity. The IPO timeline is critical, with the offer period opening sharply on December 21, 2023, and closing by December 27, 2023. Notably, a swift turnaround for allotment finalization is set for December 28, 2023, reflecting the company’s efficient handling of the listing process. Investors can anticipate the listing date on the NSE SME platform to be January 1, 2024, setting a promising start to the new year for contributors and the company alike.

A compelling aspect of the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO is the fixed price of ₹180 per equity share, which aligns with the active market valuation, given its solid business model in the real estate and agro sectors. The issue size of ₹62.64 crores for 3,480,000 equity shares speaks volumes about the company’s ambitious growth plans. Furthermore, the lot size of 800 shares requires a minimum investment of ₹144,000, a threshold that determines a serious investment but also falls within a manageable range for many retail investors.

IPO DetailsData
Issue Size₹62.64 Crores
Lot Size800 Shares
Price per Equity Share₹180
Minimum Application Amount₹144,000
Grey Market Premium (GMP)₹35 per Share

The Investor Enthusiasm:

Amid my investigation, I have noticed a spark of enthusiasm reflected in the Grey Market Premium (GMP) standing at a ₹35 increase per share, indicating positive market sentiment. This level of market confidence echoes the sentiments of leading investment advisers and bodes well for the potential aftermarket performance of the IPO.

The Role of Market Specialists:

Engaging First Overseas Capital Limited as the book-running lead manager and Kfin Technologies Limited as the registrar showcases Sameera Agro And Infra Limited’s intention to collaborate with reputable market professionals. The presence of SVCM Securities as the market maker further assures liquidity and ostensibly eases the transition for shares from the company to the investing public.

Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO Strengths and Weaknesses

I’ve taken a deep dive into Sameera Agro And Infra Limited’s IPO to evaluate its merits and potential drawbacks. Here’s what I’ve found.


Sameera Agro And Infra Limited has carved a niche in real estate development, focusing on small and medium-income groups. Their work spans across key areas in and around Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Notably, they’ve been an integral part of infrastructure development with a foot in various sectors — residential, commercial, and industrial, as well as significant civic projects. These factors often reflect positively on a company’s reputation, potentially making its IPO more attractive to informed investors.

The IPO also stands out with its sizeable issue. With ₹62.64 crore at stake, entirely dedicated to fresh capital, it shows a clear intention for growth and expansion. With leased manufacturing and processing facilities that boast strategic access from Karnataka and Maharashtra and ongoing acquisitions in Guntur and Rajahmundry, the company appears to be geographically and operationally positioned for progress.


However, there are aspects that investors need to consider carefully. A significant concern is the lack of readily available information on the company’s financials and past performance. Potential investors might need to conduct a deeper analysis or seek out more detailed reports to make an informed decision.

The IPO’s fixed-price nature could also be seen as a double-edged sword. While it potentially simplifies the decision-making process for some, it might limit the upside for investors used to the dynamic pricing of book-building issues.

Another point to ponder is the substantial stake that the promoters and management team hold. Their considerable influence on the company’s direction is something that shareholders will invariably feel, for better or worse.

The Sameera Agro And Infra IPO presents a mix of opportunities and considerations that demand a detailed look before making any investment decisions.

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How to Apply for Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO

To apply for the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO in Zerodha, you can follow these steps:

  • Login to Zerodha Account: Access the Zerodha Console, their back office software for IPO application.
  • UPI Setup: Ensure UPI payment is set up as the payment mode in your Zerodha account.
  • Select the IPO: Under the “IPO” section, choose “Sameera Agro And Infra Limited” from the list of available IPOs.
  • Enter Details: Input the number of lots and other required information for the IPO application.
  • Submit Application: After entering the details, submit your application.
  • Approval and Block Funds: You will receive a mandate notification to block funds in your UPI app upon submission. Approve the mandate request on your UPI app to block the necessary funds.
  • Allotment and Listing: Following the IPO closure, the allotment will be conducted, and if you are allotted shares, they will be credited to your demat account. The listing date will be announced, and the shares will be listed on the stock exchange.

Please note that the IPO is open from December 21, 2023, to December 27, 2023, with an IPO price of ₹180 per equity share. The lot size for the Sameera Agro And Infra Limited IPO is 800 shares, with a minimum investment of ₹144,000.

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