Affle India Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040

Affle India Share Price Target

Navigating the bustling world of stocks, Affle India’s trajectory has caught the eye of many investors and analysts alike. With a remarkable journey since its listing, the company’s performance in the tech-advertising space has been impressive.

As we delve into the future of Affle India, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics that could influence its share price. There’s a lot to unpack, from its recent financial performance to strategic acquisitions. Let’s explore the future of Affle India’s share price, guided by data and strategic insights.

Affle India Share Price Target 2025

In the ever-evolving world of tech advertising, keeping an eye on future projections is crucial for investors. When considering Affle India’s share price target for 2025, I consider several factors. The company’s consistent performance and strategic acquisitions significantly shape my expectations.

Affle’s venture into targeted advertising has proven fruitful, evidenced by its impressive financial metrics. Based on analyst estimates, the revenue and earnings growth trajectory offers a glimpse into the future. For FY2025, revenue is estimated at ₹21,933 million and earnings at ₹3,583 million, showcasing a robust upward movement.

YearExpected Share Price Target Range

Considering these numbers, I project that Affle’s strategic positioning and focus on high-margin consumer platforms will continue to bolster its financial health. Additionally, the company’s move to acquire assets of Discover Tech for ₹115 million underscores its ambition to expand its technological frontier, likely influencing its share price positively.

Given this data and considering the company’s forward multiples, I value Affle at ₹1380, translating to a PE of 37x on FY25E EPS. This valuation reflects the company’s past success and potential for future growth, supported by its strategic investments and expanding user base. The target affirms my belief in the company’s potential despite a conservative growth estimation reflected in its recent revenue numbers.

Affle India presents a compelling case for consideration in an investment portfolio, especially looking towards 2025. My analysis suggests a cautious but optimistic perspective, banking on the company’s adaptive strategies and ever-expanding footprint in the tech-advertising space.

Affle India Share Price Target 2030

When I dive into the potential of Affle India’s share price by 2030, I must consider the long-term implications of their strategic decisions and market positioning. Given their impressive track record and continuous growth in revenue and earnings, I see a promising future ahead. The acquisition of business assets from Discover Tech underscores Affle’s commitment to expanding its technological footprint and diversifying its offerings, which could significantly influence its valuation in future years.

Analyzing the company’s financial trajectory, I’ve noticed a consistent upward trend that’s impossible to ignore. As highlighted in the annual data, Apple’s revenue and earnings growth reflect a robust business model that thrives on innovation and strategic market expansions. This growth isn’t just impressive; it’s a testament to the company’s ability to adapt and flourish in the dynamic tech-advertising space.

YearExpected Share Price Target Range

Given the predicted revenue of ₹21,933 million and earnings of ₹3,583 million by FY2025, extrapolating these figures towards 2030 considers several factors, including market expansion, consumer behavior, and technological advancements. While assigning a precise share price target poses challenges due to the inherently volatile nature of the tech industry, a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) could offer a realistic glimpse into Affle India’s financial future.

Considering Affle’s strategic moves, such as the significant acquisition and their proven ability to scale successfully, I’m inclined to project a positive outlook towards their 2030 share price target. While it’s crucial to factor in economic shifts and competitive pressures, Affle India’s past performance and strategic direction provide a solid foundation for optimistic future valuations.

Affle India Share Price Target 2024

As I delve deeper into Affle India’s financial health and market position, understanding its share price target for 2024 becomes crucial. Based on the economic performance trends and strategic acquisitions, such as the notable purchase of Discover Tech’s assets, a strong groundwork indicates a positive trajectory.

Looking at the historical data and future estimates provided by analysts, we can chart a path toward an anticipated value. Drawing from an extensive review of Affle India’s revenue, earnings, and Free Cash Flow (FCF), the analysts’ consensus projects an upward movement in the company’s share value.

YearExpected Share Price Target Range

The revenue and earnings forecast 2024 shows significant improvement from previous years, reflecting the company’s strong growth potential. The increase in EBITDA margin and Average CPCU (Cost Per Converted User) further reinforces Affle India’s capability to enhance its profitability and operational efficiency.

Given these indicators, my analysis leads me to project a bullish scenario for Affle India’s share price in 2024. While the current valuation stands at ₹980, considering the 37x PE on FY25E EPS, the momentum could push the share value higher, aligning with the company’s growth narrative and market expectations.

The blend of robust financial health, strategic growth initiatives, and a favorable market environment are pivotal factors influencing Affle India’s share price target. As we move closer to 2024, these elements will significantly shape the company’s valuation and investor sentiment.

Affle India Share Price Target 2040

Peering into the future towards 2040, I find my expectations for Affle India’s share price grounded in a combination of its past performance, strategic acquisitions, and what current indicators suggest. Since its remarkable journey began following its listing, the company’s stock has demonstrated resilience and a capacity for substantial growth. For instance, from a modest beginning at ₹174 post-split in August 2019, the price had surged to the ₹910 level by May 2023. This growth trajectory reflects the company’s ability to innovate and its consistent delivery on the growth front.

Delving into the future brings us into a realm where precise predictions can be risky. However, based on Affle India’s pattern of strategic moves—such as the acquisition of Discover Tech’s assets—combined with its sustained performance increase, it’s reasonable to anticipate continuing its bullish trend. The technological landscape is ever-evolving, and with Affle’s keen eye on the future, notably through investments in AI and machine learning to enhance targeted advertising, the leverage to sustain and even increase its market position appears substantial.

Moreover, the financial forecasts and analyst consensus indicate a bright future. An upward trajectory is evident by analyzing the Projected Revenue and Earnings for the coming years, pointing towards robust growth potential.

YearExpected Share Price Target Range

Given these numbers, it’s clear that the company is on an upward curve in revenue, earnings, and free cash flow, all essential indicators of a healthy and growing business. Drawing from this data and considering the continuous investment in technological advancements and market expansion strategies, my analysis leads me to a keenly optimistic forecast for Affle India’s share price target in 2040. At the same time, the exact figure remains a point of expert speculation; the trajectory points to substantial gains underpinned by the company’s strategic growth initiatives and the overarching market dynamics that favor technological innovation in advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we dive deeper into the intricacies of Affle India and its share price target, many questions arise. I’ve culled the most frequent inquiries to give you a deeper understanding of what makes Affle India tick, its operations, and the potential for its share price to increase. Let’s explore these critical points.

Is Affle India a Good Buy?

Affle India’s 231% forecasted earnings growth rate and an impressive 19% revenue growth rate per annum indicate a strong upward trajectory. Moreover, the company’s return on equity is predicted to hit 19.4% in three years, which is a sign of robust financial health and efficient reinvestment of earnings. With a rating of “Good” by analysts and a continuous push towards innovation and strategic acquisitions, like Discover Tech’s assets, Affle India presents itself as a potentially lucrative option for investors. However, investing always carries risks, and weighing these growth prospects against market volatility and your risk tolerance is crucial.

What Affle India Does

Affle India operates within the mobile advertising industry, focusing on enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through targeted advertising. The company leverages AI and machine learning technologies to analyze user behavior across mobile devices, enabling advertisers to deliver personalized ad content to their target audience. With acquisitions like Discover Tech’s assets and Mediasmart Mobile in Spain, Affle is expanding its technological capabilities and geographic reach, fortifying its position within the digital advertising space. These moves diversify Affle India’s service offering and speak to its innovative approach to solving the complex challenges of mobile advertising.

Will Affle Share Price Increase?

Given the optimistic financial forecasts and analyst consensus, there’s a bullish outlook on Affle India’s share price for 2040. The expectation of revenue, earnings, and free cash flow growth supports a scenario where the share price could see significant appreciation. The strategic growth initiatives, including investments in AI and machine learning for targeted advertising, are set to capitalize on the overall market dynamics favoring technological innovation. While historical performance is not always indicative of future results, the current data and market trends suggest that Affle India’s share price has the potential to increase, assuming the company continues on its current growth path and the market conditions remain favorable.


With Affle India’s strategic focus on AI and machine learning, coupled with its aggressive expansion through acquisitions, it’s clear that the company is well-positioned for significant growth. The bullish outlook for its share price in 2040 isn’t just speculation; it’s grounded in solid financial forecasts and a consensus among analysts. As technology evolves and mobile advertising becomes even more crucial, Affle India’s innovative solutions to industry challenges will likely propel its success further. For investors looking at long-term gains, keeping an eye on Affle India seems wise. Its journey is a testament to the dynamic nature of the tech and advertising sectors, promising exciting developments ahead.

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