Zomato Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040

Zomato Share Price Target

Watching the stock market’s highs and lows can be as thrilling as a roller coaster ride, and Zomato’s recent surge has certainly turned heads. I remember when Zomato’s shares soared to a 52-week high on December 18, 2023, hitting Rs 129 apiece on the Bombay Stock Exchange. That was a whopping 4.32% jump from its previous close, signaling a bullish trend that caught the attention of investors and analysts alike.

In this article, I’ll dive into the potential share price targets for Zomato in the coming years, exploring whether this food delivery giant could continue its impressive climb. If you’re curious about where Zomato’s stock might be headed, you’re in the right place. We’ll take a look at the projected figures for 2024, 2025, and even up to 2027, to give you a clearer picture of what to expect from this market mover.

Zomato Share Price Today

Zomato’s stock is witnessing a notable uptrend, grabbing the attention of traders and investors alike. In today’s volatile market, it’s quite common to see stocks fluctuate, but Zomato stands out with its significant movement. Today, the share price opened with an upside gap, signaling a strong buying interest that propelled the stock to touch a new 52-week high of Rs 109.15 per share on the NSE. This reflects nearly a 150% rise in the last eight months alone, a stellar performance by any measure.

The momentum in Zomato’s stock comes amidst a broader rally in the Nifty Realty index, which is currently labeled the best-performing index of 2023. Given this backdrop, it’s clear that the market sentiment is leaning favorably towards companies like Zomato which are considered new age businesses.

Here’s a quick glance at today’s key performance markers for Zomato:

Opening PriceLowHighClosing Price
Rs 130.35Rs 123.15Rs 131.00Rs 124.75

Market experts attribute the bullish trend to the profitability turnaround in new age companies, with Zomato being a prime example. After a breakout at Rs 76 and Rs 98 levels, the stock has been identified as a suitable ‘buy on dips’ candidate. Investors and analysts have their eyes set on an immediate price target of Rs 118 per share in the near term.

Technical indicators and market sentiment suggest that Zomato’s share price isn’t just a spike but part of an ongoing uptrend. The stock is frequently recommended as a solid hold with potential gains in sight. Support and resistance levels also play a crucial role, offering traders important markers for crafting their strategies for the upcoming trading sessions.

Given its current trajectory and the positive outlook from market experts, Zomato’s share price could possibly scale new heights. It’s important for investors to monitor the stock closely, as these levels tend to be pivotal for future price movements.

Zomato Share Price Target Tomorrow

Predicting the stock market is always a complex feat, yet the data at hand can offer intriguing insights into Zomato’s expected performance. Tomorrow’s share price target for Zomato Limited hones in on the crucial level of INR 1,236, a pivot point that’s proved to be a strong base for the stock. Bearing in mind the current price trends, I’ll be delving into what the stars could be hinting at for Zomato’s shares when the market reopens.

On the technical front, Zomato’s chart patterns show a consistent uptrend, suggesting that the momentum may very well persist. On Wednesday, 20th December 2023, the share price of Zomato stood at INR 124.7, with the stock opening at INR 130.35 and touching a high of INR 131 within the session. It’s interesting to note that despite the intra-day lows hitting around INR 123.15, the stock managed to close nearly at its opening price, indicating resilience and buyer interest at higher levels.

Here’s a snapshot of Zomato’s latest trading session:

OpeningINR 130.35
LowINR 123.15
HighINR 131
ClosingINR 124.7

For those eager to gauge tomorrow’s direction, it’s prudent to look at the support and resistance levels that could play a pivotal role. By analyzing these levels, I’ll pinpoint prime areas where the stock might experience buying or selling pressure.

Support Levels for Zomato:

  • First level of significant support is at INR 123.6
  • Further support might be found if the stock trends downward

Resistance Levels for Zomato:

  • Initial resistance is eyed at the day’s high of INR 131
  • If it breaches this level, we could witness a new range for the stock

Leveraging DailyBulls’ AI prediction tools, I’m committed to pinpointing the most likely trajectory for Zomato shares. Despite the inherent uncertainty in stock movements, these indicators are invaluable in uncovering trends and potential price pivots.

Zomato Share Price Target 2025

Having seen the remarkable performance of Zomato’s stock recently, I’m turning my focus to its projected growth over the next few years. Zomato’s seemingly unstoppable upsurge in the market reaches beyond temporary trend and reflects more on the company’s potential in the long term. I’ve gathered a set of projections for the share price targets for Zomato by 2025, which are worth taking a closer look at for anyone invested in the trajectory of this food delivery giant.

Predicted Monthly Targets for 2025:

MonthShare Price Target (Rs)

As these numbers suggest, Zomato is anticipated to kick off the year at a price around Rs 201.53 and potentially scale up to Rs 247.22 by the end of December. This data points out that the upward trajectory remains robust throughout the year with minor fluctuations which is normal for any stock in diverse market conditions.

It’s vital to note that the food delivery sector itself is on a rapid climb, magnifying the importance of these predictions. I’m keeping an eye on how these estimates align with actual market behaviors. While it’s impossible to foretell the future with absolute certainty, these numbers are based on thorough analyses and can be valuable indicators for where the stock could be headed.

After considering these predictions and the current momentum, it’s clear that Zomato’s growth story isn’t plateauing anytime soon. As technology advances and consumer habits evolve, the coming years could very well see Zomato continuing to break new ground in market value. I remain watchful of how Zomato negotiates market variables and industry trends to maintain its climb on the financial charts.

Zomato Share Price Target 2030

As I look toward the future, there’s a mounting anticipation around Zomato’s growth trajectory. The company’s share price target for 2030 reflects this optimism. Zomato has cemented its position in India’s burgeoning food delivery market and the stock’s upward movement is a testament to its resilience and potential.

In the early months of 2030, Zomato’s shares are expected to continue their upward climb, building on the positive momentum from previous years. My research points to industry trends that could fuel this growth further, including expansion into new markets, diversification of services, and technological innovations that streamline operations.

Here’s a projected outlook of Zomato’s share price for the year 2030:

MonthShare Price (in Rs.)

These figures illustrate a potential for Zomato’s stock to be a profit driver for patient investors. It’s crucial, however, to consider factors like market saturation and competition, which could impede growth. Regardless, based on historical data and future projections, Zomato’s pioneering stance in the food delivery ecosystem could bolster investor confidence.

As with any investment, there are always variables to consider, some predictable while others can be sudden market shifts. My analysis adapts to emerging patterns in consumer behavior and regulatory changes that could shape Zomato’s operational landscape.

Monitoring the company’s quarterly performance, adapting to innovations in the food delivery sector, and keeping a close watch on the global economic climate are parts of a thorough approach to understanding Zomato’s share price dynamics as we head towards 2030. It’s these components that investors should weigh when aiming to predict the long-term return on Zomato’s shares.

Zomato Share Price Target 2024

In the dynamic landscape of India’s food delivery market, Zomato’s performance has been particularly noteworthy. As we cast our eyes towards the 2024 horizon, the financial forecasts paint an optimistic picture for Zomato’s stock. It’s essential to dig into the numbers to gauge where these share prices might land.

On December 18, 2023, Zomato achieved a 52-week high in Monday’s trading, reaching a remarkable Rs 129 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This peak represents a significant increase of 4.32 percent from its previous closing figure of Rs 123.65. This surge in share price is a strong indicator of the upward trajectory predicted for the following year. The momentum gathered at the end of 2023 sets a solid foundation for the share price targets I’m about to delve into for 2024.

The ascent doesn’t stop there, though. Analysts observing the stock’s performance foresee continued growth. Share price targets for Zomato in 2024 reflect a progressive climb month over month. Here’s a comprehensive look at the anticipated values:

MonthShare Price Target (in Rs)

These numbers suggest a substantial increase from the beginning to the end of the year, indicating that Zomato’s stock may indeed be a promising buying opportunity. Rising from January’s estimate of Rs 201.53 to December’s target of Rs 247.22, the figures showcase what could be a lucrative year for investors.

Zomato Share Price Target 2040

As I delve into the future of Zomato, it’s essential to prognosticate where the company’s shares could stand by 2040. Predicting long-term stock performance requires an in-depth analysis of market trends, economic factors, and the company’s strategic positioning.

In examining the share price trajectory, historical data shows an impressive climb. If we anchor our predictions in the established upward trend and factor in Zomato’s robust position in the Indian food delivery market, expectations run high for the year 2040. Consistent innovation and expansion strategies could fuel this optimistic outlook.

While projecting over a two-decade time frame poses its challenges, let’s consider the following aspects. Zomato’s ability to maintain a competitive edge in technology and customer engagement directly impacts its stock performance. Moreover, the increasing reliance on digital platforms and the expansion of internet penetration in India could further bolster Zomato’s growth.

In a hypothetical scenario where Zomato continues to carve its niche and cater to expanding consumer needs, impressive stock gains would likely be on the horizon. The company’s continued investment in automation and AI to optimize the delivery process, coupled with strategic partnerships, could be significant factors contributing to share price elevation.

Here’s a glance at the potential milestones Zomato may achieve leading up to 2040:

  • Entry and domination of new markets
  • Diversification into related sectors like grocery or meal kit delivery
  • Sustained user base growth due to convenience and service quality

To surmise, while it’s too early to state definitive numbers for Zomato’s stock in 2040, the current growth patterns coupled with industry evolution point towards a promising future for the company’s market valuation. The trajectory towards 2040 may well be an exhilarating journey for Zomato’s stakeholders.

Zomato Share Price Target 2026

When looking ahead to 2026, the Zomato share price exhibits a trend that’s hard to ignore. After the shares hit a life-time high in December 2023, the momentum doesn’t seem to wane. I’m pinpointing the potential highs and lows for the upcoming years, all while keeping an eye on the influencing factors of the market.

I’ve crunched the numbers and they paint an intriguing picture for Zomato’s future. Take a look at the projected monthly targets for 2026:

MonthShare Price Target (INR)

A steady upward climb is expected, starting the year at 262.25 INR and potentially soaring to 305.91 INR by December. The table suggests a month-over-month growth, paralleling the company’s expansion and robust ecosystem in the food delivery market.

In the broader picture, these numbers reflect the adaptive strategies that Zomato deploys. They’re not just riding the wave; they’re making waves by constantly innovating and tapping into new revenue streams. It’s no secret that tech advancements and customer engagement are the main engines propelling this growth.

Zomato’s story in India is a testament to its resilience amidst rising competition and market saturation. They’ve established themselves as a household name and continue to dominate the food delivery landscape. As I look at these figures, I’m reminded that the food delivery magnate’s journey is influenced by a multitude of factors, all of which must be vigilantly monitored for potential investors and stakeholders interested in the trajectory of Zomato’s shares.

Zomato Share Price Target 2050

Looking toward the distant future, speculation on the Zomato share price target for 2050 may seem like a stretch, but it’s a topic that grabs attention. By considering current trends, technological advances, and market expansions, I’ve sifted through the data to explore what the potential financial landscape could look like for Zomato several decades down the line.

Zomato’s impressive growth trajectory hints at a robust future, building on its remarkable surge to a 52-week high on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). If Zomato continues to envelope market share and diversify its offerings, that upward momentum might be just the beginning. The company’s commitment to innovation and adapting swiftly to changing consumer preferences has been central to its success. It’s plausible that Zomato could establish new benchmarks going far beyond the anticipated targets by analysts in the years leading up to 2025 and 2026.

Evolution in consumer behavior, driven by technology, may lead to the emergence of entirely new revenue streams for Zomato. For instance, if drone deliveries take off or if Zomato enters new markets, these factors could substantially influence its share value. Of course, projecting so far into the future requires a hefty dose of cautious optimism, given the myriad of global economic variables that are in constant flux.

2024 and 2025 have set a promising precedent, with share prices expected to progressively increase, as demonstrated in the projections for those years. It would be reasonable to infer that long-term growth could follow a similar pattern, barring unforeseen tumultuous economic shifts or disruptive innovations radically altering the food delivery industry landscape.

To narrow down a precise target for 2050 is challenging, if not implausible. However, if Zomato remains steadfast on its current path of strategic growth and industry dominance, the share price has the potential to reflect the company’s ever-expanding scale and scope. It’s imperative to acknowledge that the food delivery behemoth could play a pivotal role in shaping the global economy’s future, particularly within the hospitality sector. As investors and stakeholders keep their gaze fixed on Zomato’s performance, it’ll remain interesting to monitor how their investments might mature over the next few decades.

Zomato Share Price Target 2035

Peering into the future, it’s my focus to analyze the potential trajectory of Zomato’s share price. Given the company’s consistent growth and market expansions, by 2035, it’s likely that its shares could demonstrate remarkable gains. Zomato has consistently adapted to consumer trends, which may greatly influence its share value in the long term.

As a seasoned market observer, I’ve witnessed Zomato’s resilience in navigating the competitive landscape of food delivery services. The company’s delve into technological innovation and sustainable practices might be the catalysts driving share prices upward. Although specific numbers can be speculative, the trends suggest an upward trajectory. The following estimated targets offer a glimpse into what we might expect by 2035:

  • January: Rs. 700
  • February: Rs. 710
  • March: Rs. 720
  • April: Rs. 730
  • May: Rs. 740
  • June: Rs. 750
  • July: Rs. 760
  • August: Rs. 770
  • September: Rs. 780
  • October: Rs. 790
  • November: Rs. 800
  • December: Rs. 810

These figures are extrapolated from the current growth patterns and market sentiment. It’s important to remain vigilant about changes in the economic environment, regulatory policies, and consumer behavior, all of which could significantly impact share prices.

Investors are keenly watching Zomato’s strategies for the upcoming years. The company’s investments in AI and machine learning to enhance customer experience and its expansion in less saturated markets could drive its valuation. The share price targets for 2035 echo my belief in the company’s potential to scale new heights in the food delivery and dining space, forging a path that could lead to substantial shareholder value.


Will Zomato Share Price Increase?

While predicting stock market trends involves a measure of uncertainty, several indicators suggest potential growth in Zomato’s share price. Analyzing recent patterns, Zomato’s share price has shown resilience, bouncing back with a 2.08% increase from its previous close. Given the company’s strategic move into quick commerce and delivery within a 10-20 minute window, it’s poised to cater to instant gratification trends that resonate with consumers across India’s urban landscape.

Investment firm CLSA has tagged Zomato as a top pick within the consumer space, which may further bolster investor confidence. The firm’s optimistic forecasts capture a sentiment that Zomato could revolutionize food delivery services. Moreover, the projected share prices for the upcoming years show a positive trajectory with a steady climb; for example, a projected increase to Rs. 633.38 by 2030 and up to Rs. 895.35 by 2035. These figures underscore a belief in continued growth, although they are not guaranteed and hinge on numerous factors, including market volatility, consumer behavior, and overall economic health.

Did Zomato Buy Blinkit?

Yes, in a strategic move to expand its offerings and integrate speedy delivery services, I can confirm that Zomato acquired Blinkit (previously known as Grofers) in 2022. This acquisition is pushing Zomato further into the hyperlocal delivery space, marking its foray into the 10-minute delivery segment. Zomato’s expansion via Blinkit serves as an emblem of innovation within the food service platform realm. The synergy between Zomato’s technology-driven approach and Blinkit’s operational framework for 10-minute delivery is aimed at bolstering customer engagement and satisfaction.

Should I Buy Zomato Shares Today?

Choosing to buy shares in any company should be preceded by diligent research and a clear understanding of personal investment goals. For Zomato’s part, there’s an observed upward movement in share value, supported by recent bullish signals within the marketplace. As mentioned earlier, Zomato’s share price has exhibited positive movement, and with their current strategies, such as achieving adjusted EBITDA breakeven with Blinkit by Q1FY25 and a focus on expanding their business model, there is a forward-looking optimism.

However, it’s essential to consider that stock markets are susceptible to unpredictability. While Zomato’s current positioning and long-term plans may present compelling arguments, investors should also reflect on broader market conditions and their risk appetite. Consulting with a financial advisor to align with your investment strategy is typically a prudent approach before making any stock purchases.


Keeping an eye on Zomato’s journey, I’m optimistic about its potential to redefine the food delivery industry. With strategic moves like the Blinkit acquisition and a keen investment in AI, the company’s poised for a promising future. It’s clear that savvy investors should monitor Zomato’s progress as it navigates the dynamic market landscape. Whether you’re considering adding Zomato to your portfolio or simply tracking its performance, the share price targets for 2035 suggest a trajectory worth watching. Remember, the key to investment is staying informed and adapting to new data—something I’ll continue to help you with through my insights and updates.

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