Suzlon Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050

Suzlon Share Price Target

As we gaze into the future of renewable energy, Suzlon Energy’s trajectory catches my eye with its impressive potential for shareholder returns. Established in 1995, Suzlon has carved a niche for itself in the renewable sector, and its share price targets for the coming years are a testament to its growth.

I’ll be delving into Suzlon’s share price targets, particularly eyeing the remarkable forecast for 2027 and beyond. With the company’s share price expected to reach around Rs 135 by 2030, it’s clear that Suzlon is a name to watch in the renewable energy space.

Join me as I explore what these predictions mean for investors and the company’s strategic plans that could drive such optimistic projections. It’s an exciting time for Suzlon Energy, and I’m here to break down the numbers that are fueling this enthusiasm.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2024

When analyzing Suzlon Energy’s performance trajectory, focusing on key statistical predictions for the coming years is prudent. By the close of 2024, Suzlon’s share price is forecast to reach significant levels potentially. The data points to a bullish trend, suggesting investors may witness a substantial upside in the stock’s valuation.

Industry trends and growth patterns have been pivotal in shaping Suzlon’s future prospects. As a manufacturer of wind turbine generators, the momentum in the renewable energy sector has had an influential role. Given the company’s involvement in the space since 1995, their expertise and consistent growth can’t go unnoticed when discussing future share price targets.

YearSuzlon Energy Share Price Target
2024Rs 52

These figures represent a remarkable transition from the previous year’s projections. As the numbers suggest, there is more than hope driving the market; a steady growth and profitability pattern underpins Suzlon’s potential value. The constant evolution of energy solutions and global shifts towards sustainable practices also feed into the optimistic outlook for Suzlon’s share price.

Though past performance is not always an accurate indicator of future outcomes, Suzlon’s strategic plans to scale its operations and enhance profit margins seem to bode well for its share valuation. Whether this translates into achieving or surpassing the targeted share prices hinges on numerous market variables and company-specific developments over the next period.

Investors keeping a keen eye on energy sector trends, especially within the renewable domain, are poised to correlate emerging opportunities with Suzlon’s business model expansion. The heightened interest and demand in green energy solutions amplify the possibility of these price targets materializing.

Diligent market observers will continue to monitor the company’s progress against its strategic initiatives, financial health, and the broader market climate, as all these factors collectively charm the tapestry of Suzlon Energy’s share price journey through 2024.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2025

As I dive deeper into the financial forecasts for Suzlon Energy, the year 2025 stands out with promising potential. Based on current projections and the renewable energy sector’s growth trajectory, Suzlon could become an even more significant player in the market by 2025.

Delving into the data, we see that Suzlon’s share price targets for 2025 are estimated to be between Rs 59 and Rs 78. This estimate takes into account the company’s strategic plans to expand its business and the increasing profitability witnessed in recent times.

The renewable energy sector’s expansion plays a monumental role in these projections. With global trends leaning heavily towards sustainable energy solutions, companies like Suzlon are at the forefront of innovation. The demand for wind turbine generators and maintenance services is poised to climb, contributing to Suzlon’s financial success.

Given these insights, investors considering Suzlon Energy can anticipate a potential uptick in returns around 2025. However, it’s crucial to watch market dynamics and Suzlon’s performance against its strategic growth plans. Fluctuations in market conditions or shifts in energy policy can impact share price predictions, making vigilance a key factor for investment decisions.

Strategic initiatives undertaken by Suzlon to bolster its operation and maintenance services are expected to catalyze their market standing. This, combined with the fact that India is aggressively pursuing renewable energy targets, sets a fertile ground for Suzlon’s anticipated growth and thus, their share price targets.

YearSuzlon Energy Share Price Targets (First)Suzlon Energy Share Price Targets (Second)
2025Rs 59Rs 78

While this paints an optimistic picture for Suzlon’s future, it’s also critical to understand that investing in the stock market involves inherent risks. Stakeholders should maintain a balanced portfolio and continually reassess their investment strategy in line with the evolving economic landscape.

Suzlon Share Price Target Tomorrow

When we’re talking about the immediate future of Suzlon Energy’s stock value, the term ‘volatile’ barely covers the dynamic nature of what’s expected. Predicting share price targets for the next day seems to be part art and part science, but certain market indicators provide us with necessary clues.

One piece of data I find particularly compelling is the uptrend noted in Suzlon Energy’s share momentum, which comes with a cautionary note about its potential weakening. Based on recent trends in the stock market, Suzlon shares appear to be clinging to an upward movement. The crucial benchmark here is the critical price level of Rs 36. So long as the price floats above this threshold, the stock’s bullish trend might persist into tomorrow’s trading session.

It’s no secret that the financial world turns its eyes to companies like Suzlon Energy, particularly after significant gains. Jumping forward from recent performances, it’s quite fascinating to see an 1817 percent spike in just two weeks, peaking at a 52-week high of Rs 39.20 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

On a day-to-day basis, fluctuations are normal. However, it’s important to bear in mind that Suzlon’s shares vaulted up by 1.77 percent on a single Friday. If this isn’t a clear indication of investor confidence, I’m not sure what is. The performance transcends traditional stock analytics and consistently exceeds moving averages.

  • 52-Week High: Rs 39.20
  • Closing Price on Last Trading Day: Rs 37.32
  • Percentage Increase on Final Trading Day: 1.77%

What does all this mean for tomorrow’s price target? Predictions are just that — educated guesses informed by patterns and precedents. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, it’s hard to ignore the roaring engine that has been Suzlon Energy’s share price thus far. Given the robust growth figures, particularly the 79 percent YoY net profit spike, one might suggest a cautiously optimistic stance for tomorrow’s session. Keep in mind the market’s whims can change at the drop of a hat, so any investment move should be made with due diligence.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2030

As I dive deeper into Suzlon Energy’s future, my attention shifts to the year 2030. Based on current analyses and the strategic shift towards renewable energy in India, Suzlon’s share price is projected to soar. The energy sector’s dynamics suggest that by 2030, Suzlon’s stock could be trading around Rs 135. This potential increase is not just a number; it’s a reflection of the company’s commitment to expansive growth and increasing profitability.

The renewable energy landscape is continually evolving, and Suzlon is positioning itself as a key player. My analysis shows that today’s strategic decisions will likely ripple into substantial fiscal growth in the next decade. Let’s break down the numbers:

YearSuzlon Energy Share Price Targets FirstSuzlon Energy Share Price Targets Second
2024Rs 52Rs 57
2025Rs 59Rs 78
2030Rs 105Rs 135

With each passing year, we’ve seen incremental growth in Suzlon’s share price, and by charting out these figures, one can grasp the potential trajectory heading toward 2030. It’s essential to understand that these figures are based on current market trends and the assumption that Suzlon continues to harness its innovative streak in wind turbine technology and robust operation and maintenance protocols.

Investors often look for long-term bets in industries primed for growth, and the renewable energy sector fits that bill perfectly. Suzlon’s endeavors in this domain underscore its capacity to capitalize on this burgeoning demand. My continuous tracking of energy markets and policy shifts reinforces my belief that Suzlon’s strategic moves today are laying the groundwork for what looks to be a very promising future for the organization and its shareholders.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2035

When projecting the Suzlon share price target for 2035, it’s essential to consider multiple factors that could influence its trajectory. Considering the momentum in renewable energy investments and Suzlon’s role in wind turbine manufacturing and maintenance, I see a significant upside potential.

The pace at which Suzlon adopts technological advancements and scales its operations will be critical. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar have been receiving strong national and global policy backing, and Suzlon is well-positioned to leverage this trend. By 2035, the renewable energy market is expected to be more mature, with greater demand for clean energy solutions. This progression suggests that companies like Suzlon, which are early movers in this space, might experience amplified growth and profitability.

Market analysts have studied past trends and forecasted future market conditions to project share price targets. Suzlon’s fiscal strategies, R&D investments, and ability to maintain market leadership will directly influence its share value. Looking at the long-term horizon, the speculation is that Suzlon’s share could potentially reflect the company’s operational success and market expansion.

Moreover, the adoption of cutting-edge technology in wind energy generation could prompt Suzlon’s share prices to trend even higher. It’s not just about the technology; strategic partnerships and global contracts will likely shape the company’s financial health. If Suzlon manages to secure significant collaborations and contracts, these will provide a solid foundation for its share growth.

Let’s dive into the numbers for a clearer prediction:

YearSuzlon Energy Share Price Targets FirstSuzlon Energy Share Price Targets Second

While the exact figures for 2035 remain speculative, the targets will be refined as we get closer to the year, factoring in performance, market dynamics, and the company’s growth trajectory. It’s safe to say that if Suzlon continues on its current path of innovation and market capture, the results could be promising for stakeholders.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2040

As I delve into Suzlon Energy’s long-term financial outlook, it’s vital to consider the evolving market dynamics and Suzlon’s strategic position in the renewable energy sector. By 2040, the energy production and consumption landscape is expected to have undergone significant transformations, and companies like Suzlon are poised to capitalize on these shifts.

Company Growth and Future Projections

Suzlon’s ongoing commitment to innovation in wind turbine technology and its expansion into new markets is fundamental to its growth trajectory. Given its past performance and future plans, I’m observing industry analysts predicting that Suzlon could potentially target a share price well above the Rs. 155 mark forecasted for 2030. However, it’s important to note that such projections are inherently speculative and influenced by a multitude of unpredictable factors, from geopolitical shifts to technological breakthroughs.

Financial Performance Analysis

An analysis of Suzlon’s financial performance and market strategy suggests that the company’s share price could exhibit an upward trend, provided it continues to leverage its competitive strengths. Embracing cutting-edge technology and securing valuable contracts will be key to driving profitability and, in turn, shareholder value.

As Suzlon strengthens its presence in both domestic and international markets, I’ll be keeping an eye on indicators such as earnings reports, market share growth, and global renewable energy policies, all of which will provide valuable insights into its share price potential for 2040.

Understanding the complexities of predicting exact share prices decades into the future, I’m focusing on the indicators and trends that historically drive market confidence and investment decisions. Here’s a snapshot of Suzlon’s past share price targets to give us a base for our speculation:

YearSuzlon Energy Share Price Targets (First)Suzlon Energy Share Price Targets (Second)
2023Rs 20Rs 29
2024Rs 52Rs 57
2025Rs 59Rs 78

Building on this trajectory and considering the company’s ambitious growth plans, Suzlon’s share price target for 2040 could be a reflection of its unwavering pursuit of excellence in the renewable energy sphere.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2050

In the world of clean energy, long-term investments are particularly exciting, and I’ve turned my attention toward the future, specifically the Suzlon share price target for 2050. Suzlon Energy, a front-runner in the renewable energy domain, has garnered significant interest from investors who are eager to be a part of the green revolution.

It’s no secret that renewable energy is the future. The demand for clean energy solutions like wind power is increasing globally, and Suzlon’s presence in the wind turbine manufacturing sector positions it well to capitalize on these trends. Projecting forward to 2050, the company’s share price is anticipated to reflect its growth trajectory and market expansion efforts, assuming it maintains its innovative edge and executes its business plans effectively.

Let’s examine the facts. As Suzlon continues to expand its operations and streamline production, it’s expected to cut costs and improve profitability. Moreover, the focus on operational efficiency and maintenance services could greatly enhance customer loyalty and recurring revenue. By leveraging technology and staying ahead of industry trends, Suzlon should be well-equipped to meet the growing demand for renewable energy solutions, which could positively impact its share price.

While it’s challenging to pinpoint an exact share price target for 2050, if we draw on past performance and current growth strategies, I’m optimistic about the potential for robust returns. Market indicators and the company’s financial performance will remain key barometers for investors tracking Suzlon’s share value over the coming decades.

Investing in companies like Suzlon Energy has become about much more than just financial gains; it’s about supporting sustainable practices and contributing to the fight against climate change. As we look ahead to 2050, Suzlon’s share price prospects seem intertwined with global initiatives toward a greener planet and the company’s ability to lead the charge in innovative wind energy solutions.

Suzlon Share Price Target by Motilal Oswal

As we dig further into the Suzlon share price targets, it’s essential to consider insights from respected financial institutions like Motilal Oswal. They have a reputation for deep analysis and understanding of market dynamics. Their projections for Suzlon Energy’s share price reflect a culmination of extensive research and market trends.

Suzlon Energy, riding the wave of the renewable energy sector’s growth, grabbed attention with its stellar performance. Motilal Oswal often examines these performances in detail before making any recommendations. They take into account various factors like company earnings, growth strategies, and the overall market sentiment, which are all crucial when estimating future share prices.

In their analysis, the focus on Suzlon’s profit margins and return on equity presents an intriguing angle. The company’s ability to scale its operations efficiently and persistent focus on innovation in the wind energy sector make it a potentially attractive stock for long-term investors. Analysts at Motilal Oswal also closely monitor governmental policies around renewable energy, as these can significantly affect the company’s operations and, by extension, its stock price.

Considering the existing market conditions and Suzlon’s performance charts, Motilal Oswal’s projections for the company are cautiously optimistic. They’ve observed the upward trajectory of the share prices over various timeframes and used this data to inform their target predictions.

Below is a snapshot of Suzlon Energy’s projected share price targets for the upcoming years, as seen through Motilal Oswal’s analytical lens:

YearSuzlon Energy Share Price Target (First)Suzlon Energy Share Price Target (Second)
2023Rs 15.61Rs 17.93
2024Rs 42.68Rs 54.70
2025Rs 52Rs 68

With these targets in mind, let’s remember that while no prediction is foolproof, institutions like Motilal Oswal base their projections on a mixture of technical analysis, economic indicators, and industry performance to provide investors with well-rounded and informed price targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good to Buy Suzlon Shares Now?

As an investor, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities. When considering Suzlon shares, it’s not just about the current price but also the context. Suzlon’s debt reduction efforts and their expanding order book influenced my buying decision. Both fundamental analysis and technical indicators suggest a bullish momentum. For instance, a significant increase of 350% in the share price during the early months of the fiscal year 2023-24 signals the market’s confidence. But I’m also aware of the volatility in such shares, with a beta of 1.7. Therefore, I’d consider the current market trends, financial forecasts, and Suzlon’s strategic moves before making an investment decision.

Why Suzlon Share Price Rising?

The surge in Suzlon’s share price can be linked to several key factors:

  • Continuous Debt Reduction: The company has been focusing on reducing its debt burden, a move that’s typically well-received by the market.
  • Robust Order Book: There’s been a significant increase in orders, showing trust from clients and potential for future revenue growth.
  • Positive Market Sentiment: Suzlon’s stock is exceeding its key moving averages, indicating a strong bullish trend.

Combined, these elements paint a promising picture of the company’s financial health and have been major driving forces behind the upward trajectory of Suzlon’s share price.

Does Suzlon Have a Future?

The future of Suzlon seems optimistic, especially in the context of the global push for renewables. Here are a few highlights:

  • Policies Favoring Renewables: The Indian government, among others, is introducing policies to support the renewable energy sector, including wind energy projects.
  • Industry Growth: With the increasing demand for clean energy solutions, Suzlon’s stance in the wind turbine manufacturing sector is likely to be bolstered.
  • Recent Performance: Suzlon’s share has already shown resilience and growth, especially after hitting a nine-year high in share price.

In addition, Suzlon’s inclusion in the MSCI Global Standard Index highlights its relevance and potential for growth in the global market. All these indicators suggest a bright future for the company.


Given its strategic positioning in the renewable sector and ongoing growth efforts, I’m optimistic about Suzlon Energy’s trajectory. The company’s focus on operational efficiency and expansion into maintenance services could drive share prices up. With the backing of thorough research from Motilal Oswal and other market experts, the future looks promising. I believe that investors can make informed decisions by closely monitoring market indicators and financial performance. Moreover, investing in Suzlon offers the potential for robust returns and supports a sustainable future. As the world leans towards renewable energy, Suzlon’s dedication to reducing debt and expanding its order book places it in a favorable spot for long-term growth. I’ll be keeping an eye on their journey, and I suggest you do the same if you’re interested in the intersection of financial gain and environmental impact.

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