ONGC Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030

ONGC Share Price Target

Investing in stocks can be a rollercoaster ride, and keeping an eye on future predictions is crucial for any savvy investor. I’ve been tracking the ONGC share price targets, and the figures are definitely worth a look. From the steady climb in the upcoming years to the long-term prospects, there’s a lot to unpack.

By 2027, we could see ONGC shares hitting highs of 33,968, with even more growth by 2030 and 2035. I’ll dive into the data that paints this upward trend, exploring the potential highs and lows. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, understanding these targets could be key to your strategy.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of ONGC’s share price targets. I’ll guide you through the numbers and what they could mean for your portfolio. Stay tuned, because this insight could be the edge you need in the stock market game.

ONGC Share Price Target 2025

When analyzing the potential of ONGC shares for 2025, the data paints a promising picture. It’s essential for investors to note that share price targets are projections based on historical data, and future market conditions can affect actual outcomes. My examination of the growth patterns suggests two possible target values.

At the beginning of 2025, the first price target for ONGC shares stands at 252.50 INR, which shows a considerable hike from previous years. The second more optimistic target for the same period sees ONGC shares potentially reaching 282.22 INR. These figures denote the ongoing trust of investors in ONGC’s market presence and potential for growth.

Here’s a breakdown of the first quarter for an in-depth look at what 2025 could have in store:

MonthShare Price Target 1 (INR)Share Price Target 2 (INR)

Moving deeper into the year, continued progress is on the horizon, with further increments expected in both the conservative and optimistic share price targets. These incremental rises are a testament to ONGC’s adaptive strategies and its agility in navigating the volatile energy sector.

It’s not just the numbers but the underlying factors that contribute to these targets. The company’s sustained efforts in expanding its reserves and optimizing operational efficiency play pivotal roles. Add to that the ramped-up focus on cleaner and more sustainable energy sources which are starting to figure more prominently in ONGC’s strategic planning.

For seasoned investors and newcomers alike, keeping a close eye on the market trends, policy changes, and technological advancements will be key. These elements bear huge influences on share prices and will serve as important indicators to watch as we edge towards 2025.

ONGC Share Price Target Tomorrow

With the current market behavior and historical data in hand, I’ve closely observed the trends to provide an insightful forecast for ONGC’s share price target tomorrow. Based on today’s performance, where ONGC opened at 201.70 INR and made a high of 204.05 INR, it’s clear there’s an upbeat sentiment in the market. The average trading price settled at 205 INR, and the stock closed slightly lower at 201.30 INR. The sheer volume of transactions today was noteworthy, with a turnout of 15,610,24 Lakhs INR over 8499601 shares traded, underlining the keen interest investors have in ONGC.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the predicted targets for tomorrow:

Target LevelShare Price (INR)
Target 1203
Target 2205.70
Target 3208.30

The analysis points toward a share price range between 201 INR to 205.70 INR for the upper band. It’s essential for investors to be aware of the support and resistance levels which are pivotal points for any trading decisions. Tomorrow’s support levels start at the today’s closing of 204.05 INR, with an additional support at 201.70 INR.

If, however, ONGC fails to maintain its upside momentum, we’re looking at a potential downside target range between 192.43 INR to 190.48 INR. These figures are grounded in the robust fundamental analysis and backed by the latest technical indicators, ensuring that you have the most accurate predictions at your fingertips.

Investors should keep an eye on trade volume which often precedes price movements. Looking at the recent 10-day averaged trading volume for ONGC, which stands at 1,341,4481 shares, it’s evident that ONGC has garnered significant attention.

Remember, market conditions are dynamic and the price targets I’m providing are based on my analysis; always be prepared for fluctuations and keep a close eye on market news that can affect the share prices.

ONGC Share Price Target 2030

As I delve deeper into the future potential of ONGC’s share prices, it’s essential to take a keen look at the long-term trajectory. Market analysts predict substantial growth as we head towards the end of the decade. The projections for 2030 are particularly noteworthy for investors who prioritize long-term gains.

Based on historical data and future performance estimates, two significant share price targets for 2030 have been outlined. The first target for March 2030 is set at 357.42 INR, while the second shows an even more optimistic figure of 402.86 INR. As the year progresses, the targets suggest a steady increase, with June figures expected to rise to 364.53 INR and 409.80 INR respectively. By September, we’re looking at a further climb to 370.71 INR for target 1 and 416.81 INR for target 2, culminating in December with 376.88 INR and 422.82 INR.

YearShare Price Target 1Share Price Target 2

These figures are highly significant as they not only reflect a potential growth in share value but also underscore the company’s strategic planning and response to market dynamics. Investors should keep track of ONGC’s operational efficiencies, reserve expansions, and the volatile nature of energy markets, all of which could influence these target projections.

ONGC’s consistent effort towards sustainability and adapting to new technologies also plays a critical role in forecasting its share price targets. As we consider these insights, it’s clear that staying informed about both global and domestic energy demands will be crucial for anyone looking to invest in ONGC shares. Remember, while share price targets can provide a roadmap, they are not set in stone; market fluctuations and unforeseen events can impact actual outcomes.

ONGC Share Price Target 2024

As I delve into the financial forecast for the year 2024, ONGC’s share price targets indicate an upward trajectory that’s hard to overlook. Analysts have been scrutinizing the patterns to provide investors with a clearer picture of what the future holds. According to the data laid out, the first share price target for ONGC in 2024 is slated to be 228.99 INR, while a more optimistic second target stands at 256.11 INR.

This suggests a promising increase from previous years, reflecting the company’s resilience in a dynamic market environment. These numbers are not just figments of hopeful thinking but are backed by the company’s performance and strategic initiatives aimed at value creation.

YearShare Price Target 1 (INR)Share Price Target 2 (INR)

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the energy sector, where ONGC has a significant stake, is influenced by a myriad of factors, including geopolitical shifts, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. Investors should thus keep a close watch on the market trends and the company’s responses to these macroeconomic variables.

More significantly, ONGC’s continuous effort to boost operational efficiencies and expand its reserves speaks in favor of potential growth. Ensuring sustainable practices while optimizing production levels positions the company as a robust player that can withstand market volatility and still offer lucrative returns to its shareholders.

The projected share price targets for 2024 certainly paint a bullish picture for ONGC, hinting at the company’s potential to keep its momentum in the forthcoming years. While these predictions signal growth, I’d advise market participants to maintain a vigilant stance, as the energy markets are notorious for their unpredictability. Regularly updated analysis and real-time market data should, therefore, be integral parts of any investment decision process.

ONGC Share Price Target Next Week

As investors eye the future of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), there’s a palpable buzz around the share price targets for the coming week. With the energy sector showing volatility, it’s pivotal to stay updated with the latest market analysis and trends affecting ONGC’s stock.

Recent developments indicate that ONGC’s strategic partnership with NTPC Green Energy could be a harbinger of positive momentum. This collaboration aims to harness renewable energy potential through green hydrogen and offshore wind projects. Such initiatives not only bolster ONGC’s commitment to sustainability but could also pave the way for long-term profitability.

Analyzing the stock’s recent performance, ONGC’s shares exhibited resilience, edging up marginally by 0.30% to rest at Rs 187.85 on the BSE. Tactical investors are known to track these minute fluctuations, as they could signify the onset of a trend.

Technical analysis, as provided by experts in the field, suggests setting a vigilant target price of Rs 220 for ONGC’s shares next week. However, this is subject to change based on market dynamics. Investors would do well to employ a stop loss at Rs 184 to manage risks effectively.

Moreover, the landscape is not without challenges. With a reported 20% dip in net profits during the last quarter, partly due to declining oil prices and output, investors must navigate carefully. These figures are not to be taken lightly as they could bear implications for next week’s share price movements.

In such a scenario, keeping a finger on the pulse of not just the energy market, but also global economic indicators is essential. Changes in oil prices and output levels tend to impact ONGC’s profitability and, by extension, its stock price.

While predictions and analyses provide a framework, I reckon that market breadth, investor sentiment, and geopolitical shifts hold the true cards for ONGC’s share price target next week.

ONGC Share Price Target Motilal Oswal

As I continue to delve into the nuances of ONGC’s financial prospects, it’s pivotal to discuss the insights provided by Motilal Oswal regarding ONGC’s share price targets. The significance of understanding these targets cannot be overstated, as they play a key role in investment decision-making.

Motilal Oswal, a well-regarded name in the financial services sector, has recently shed light on the future of ONGC shares. Backed by a thorough analysis, they present a robust outlook for ONGC, taking into consideration numerous factors that may influence the stock’s trajectory. Their expertise enables investors like me to gauge the potential movement of ONGC shares with greater confidence.

They have offered their predictions based on several indicators including ONGC’s venture into renewable energy, oil price trends, and its overall operational performance. It’s paramount for investors to monitor these indicators as they can significantly impact share prices. It’s also essential to understand that such predictions carry a degree of uncertainty due to the volatile nature of the stock market and global economic influences.

While examining Motilal Oswal’s recommendations, I find their projections to anchor on a comprehensive analysis of market trends and ONGC’s strategic initiatives. Their approach involves meticulous study of the company’s financial health, future prospects in green energy, and the potential impact of global economic factors on the energy sector.

The insights from Motilal Oswal underscore the importance of staying updated with expert analyses and keeping an eye on the evolving market conditions that affect ONGC. As an investor, it’s crucial to consider these insights but also maintain a degree of skepticism owing to the unpredictable twists of the market.

By keeping track of recommendations from various sources, including those from Motilal Oswal, I position myself for informed decision-making. Consideration of diverse opinions helps in creating a balanced view of the potential outcomes for ONGC shares in the future.

ONGC Share Price Target Today

In today’s dynamic stock market, ONGC’s share price is an area of particular interest for investors and traders alike. As of the most recent trading session, ONGC’s shares have demonstrated resilience with a slight uptick, closing with a 0.30% gain at Rs 187.85 on BSE. This marginal gain might seem modest, but it signals positive investor sentiment towards the oil and gas heavyweight. With strategic partnerships paving the way, I’m keen to understand how these collaborations influence ONGC’s financial future.

One significant advancement is ONGC’s recent pact with NTPC Green Energy, which underscores a concrete step towards renewable energy projects including green hydrogen and offshore wind projects. This move not only diversifies ONGC’s energy portfolio but also places the company at the forefront of the race towards a greener future. It’s this type of initiative that helps strengthen investor confidence and could potentially contribute to an ascent in share price.

Today’s stock recommendation comes from Nooresh Merani, a known technical analyst. His advice includes a buy rating with a target price of Rs 220 and a stop loss at Rs 184. While the target suggests an attractive upside, I must emphasize the importance of such indicators in my assessments. The reality remains that stock prices are subject to market trends, operational performance, and myriad other factors, and ONGC is no exception.

Meanwhile, the impact of quarterly financial results is always a hot topic amongst market watchers. Despite reporting a 20% drop in September quarter net profit, ONGC remains a solid performer with JM Financial maintaining a Buy rating and setting an ambitious share price target of Rs 225. A strong dividend appeal backs this price target and leans on an anticipated net crude realization of USD 65/barrel in FY25. Evidently, current price levels turn the spotlight on the undervalued potential of ONGC’s shares, given the market’s conservative crude oil price assumptions.

AnalystTarget Price (INR)Stop Loss (INR)Expected Upside (%)
Nooresh Merani220184
JM Financial22514.9

ONGC Share Price Target 2040

Peering into the future, it’s essential to consider the long-term prospects of ONGC’s shares. By 2040, industry experts suggest a significant potential for growth, stemming from global energy dynamics and ONGC’s strategic initiatives. With the energy sector evolving rapidly, an expansion in renewable energy and new technologies might play pivotal roles in enhancing the company’s market position.

In the midst of these changes, I’ve looked at various projections suggesting that ONGC could experience a notable increase in its share price by 2040. This is based not only on the company’s current trajectory but also on its planned foray into new energy fields and consistent performance.

Focusing on Share Price Targets for 2040, and adhering to the precedents set by consistent growth trends, the extrapolation of data depicts an optimistic scenario. It’s envisaged that the company could capitalize on the shift towards cleaner energy, which might significantly increase its valuation.

YearShare Price Target 1Share Price Target 2

These targets reflect the potential for robust returns for investors willing to hold onto their investments for this extended period. ONGC’s adaptive strategies and financial resilience could facilitate this upward trajectory.

As we continue through the decade, the possibility of ONGC surpassing these targets isn’t far-fetched. The company’s focus on diversification, including its investments in renewable energy infrastructure, reflects a forward-thinking approach that aligns with global energy transition goals. This diversification may leverage the company’s extensive experience in the energy sector and continue to instill confidence in both prospective and long-term investors.

Moreover, geopolitical factors and their impact on the global oil market cannot be ignored. ONGC’s proactive measures and agility in navigating such challenges may reflect positively on share prices. Agility in market fluctuations and adept management of resources could act as catalysts for achieving and potentially exceeding the projected targets.

As the global energy landscape transforms, ONGC’s share price movements will undoubtedly correlate with how effectively the company adapts to these shifts. The potential for growth is inherently tied to both internal company strategies and the external economic environment. Keeping a keen eye on these trends will be imperative in assessing the share price targets leading up to 2040.


As discussions around ONGC’s share price heat up, investors often ponder several key questions. Here, I’ll tackle a few of the most frequent inquiries that are on the minds of those closely watching the company’s stocks.

Will ONGC Share Price Increase?

Based on my analysis, ONGC’s share price shows indicators of potential growth. Various factors support a bullish outlook, such as the company’s ability to maintain strong and consistent realizations and its significant dividend yield. The recent pact with NTPC Green Energy to set up renewable energy projects is a strategic move that could bolster investor confidence over time. Moreover, brokerages, including JM Financial and Prabhudas Lilladher, have assigned a ‘BUY’ rating, pinning their optimism on the company’s robust dividend play and valuation of its standalone business. These factors suggest that there is potential for the ONGC share price to see an increase.

Is ONGC Share a Good Buy?

In the realm of investment, the term ‘good buy’ can often vary based on individual risk tolerance and investment strategy. In the case of ONGC, analysts are seemingly in agreement about the attractiveness of the stock. With its share price receiving a ‘BUY’ rating from multiple brokerages, and the current market price discounting only USD 55-60 per barrel of net crude realization, the upside appears significant. The projected stronger FY25 net crude realization and the ongoing investments in renewables indicate that ONGC shares could be a worthy addition to an investment portfolio, especially for those seeking dividend income along with growth potential.

Will ONGC Share Price Increase Tomorrow?

Predicting daily stock movements is always a challenge, even with considerable market experience. For ONGC’s share price tomorrow, it’s essential to monitor global oil prices, production output reports, and overall market sentiment. While recent technical analysis indicates bullish setups, with a significant monthly resistance break at Rs 193, short-term price fluctuations are influenced by various market conditions that can be as unpredictable as geopolitical events or shifts in investor sentiment. Traders may be eyeing the strong technical indicators for immediate gains, yet it’s imperative to remember that the stock market is inherently volatile and subject to rapid changes.


ONGC’s share price trajectory appears promising with its strategic pivot towards renewable energy and new market ventures. I’m optimistic about its ability to outperform expectations, especially given the company’s solid track record and commitment to innovation. While the energy sector’s volatility presents challenges, ONGC’s proactive measures seem to position it well for future growth. As investors keep an eye on global trends and the company’s progress, ONGC’s shares could very well surpass the ambitious targets set for the coming years. Remember, though, that the stock market is inherently unpredictable and it’s crucial to stay informed and exercise due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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