NCC Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030

NCC Share Price Target

Investing in the stock market can be as thrilling as it is complex, especially when it comes to predicting share price targets. NCC Limited (NCC), a prominent player in the market, is no exception. As of January 10, 2024, the buzz around NCC’s stock is undeniable, with its price hovering at 19,325 and showing an upward trend that’s caught my eye.

Navigating through the maze of weekly, monthly, and yearly price targets for NCC can be daunting, but it’s crucial for making informed decisions. With targets ranging from a modest 18,528 to an optimistic 20,248, it’s clear that NCC’s stock is one to watch. I’ll dive into the latest share price targets and what they could mean for potential investors like you.

NCC Share Price Target 2025

Navigating the volatile terrain of the stock market can seem daunting, but armed with the right data, it becomes less of a guesswork gauntlet. As I delve into the intricacies of NCC Limited’s share price targets for 2025, I’m keeping a close eye on the trend indicators that suggest a bullish outlook. Based on the current market behavior, there’s a notable inclination towards upside potential.

The share price of NCC Limited currently stands at INR 293.25, and with market trends leaning toward the positive, investors are eyeing potential targets. It’s important to consider multiple time frames when evaluating share price targets. Weekly, monthly, and yearly projections provide a more comprehensive understanding of where a stock could head, and in the case of NCC, these figures are crucial. The fact that NCC opened at INR 277.30 and achieved a high of INR 294.50 before settling at INR 293.25 suggests a strong upward trend, which could potentially influence the 2025 targets.

Short-Term and Long-Term Price Targets

Downside Price TargetsUpside Price Targets

These targets, while not guaranteed, are a compass for investors – pointing toward what many analysts perceive as realistic expectations. The stock’s ability to push beyond the first up price target of INR 299.94 will be an important indicator of its strength moving into the next year.

So, what do these numbers mean for NCC’s price in 2025? Well, if the current trend persists or improves, setting sights on the second and third upside price targets above 300.00 could be within the realm of possibility for investors. Keeping tabs on projections and adapting strategy accordingly will be key to capitalizing on this momentum.

NCC might just be a stock to watch closely as we approach 2025. Precision in predictions is always a challenge in the stock market, but patterns, trends, and historical data serve as crucial tools for investors aiming for success. I’m continuing to monitor NCC’s trajectory and its influence on the share price targets as we move forward.

NCC Share Price Target Tomorrow

When it comes to investing, it’s always critical to look ahead, and for those interested in NCC Limited, tomorrow’s share price target holds particular intrigue. Leveraging data and expert analytics, I’ve zeroed in on what might be expected from NCC’s stock in the immediate future.

Current Market Trends

Observing the current trend, I’ve noticed that NCC’s stock appears to be on an uptrend. The uptick signifies that something is fueling positive sentiment among investors. With the stock price lingering above the crucial level of INR 194.79, the prospects look promising for continued upward momentum. This threshold acts as a support level, and so long as the price stays above it, the uptrend might persist.

Short-Term Price Targets

For the short-term speculator or day trader looking to seize opportunities, here’s what’s on the horizon for NCC’s share price target tomorrow. Based on the recent performance that saw the stock closing at INR 193.25, which is a substantial rise from the previous close, the forecast for tomorrow has an interesting array of numbers:

Downside TargetPrice (INR)
Target 1189.56
Target 2172.33
Target 3170.55

It’s worth mentioning that these downside targets serve as potential support levels where the stock might find stability in case of a dip.

Understanding Volatility

The stock’s movement inside a range of INR 177.30 – INR 194.50 highlights the inherent volatility that any trader should watch. A close at INR 193.25, an increase of 9.52%, suggests a robust trading session that possibly can spill over to the next day, fueling further increases.

Taking all this into account, if you’re eyeing NCC for potential gains tomorrow, keeping a close eye on the market open and the support level of INR 174.79 will be key. And remember, while upside targets are alluring, preparing for the downside is just as crucial for a balanced trading approach.

NCC Share Price Target Motilal Oswal

When considering investment opportunities, the analysis provided by renowned financial firms such as Motilal Oswal can be pivotal. As for NCC Limited’s future prospects, it’s imperative to understand the targets set by such firms to make an educated decision.

Analyzing the various share price targets provided, Motilal Oswal’s forecasts can play a significant role in an investor’s strategy. Their targets are often based on in-depth research and an understanding of market dynamics. From my extensive market observation, it’s clear that projections from financial advisories like Motilal Oswal reflect a blend of technical analysis, market trends, and economic indicators, which investors find particularly useful.

Motilal Oswal’s targets could adjust over time, given the volatile nature of the stock market. This could reflect changes in sectoral growth, company performance, and overall economic conditions. NCC Limited, with its focus on infrastructure development, stands to gain from governmental policies and urbanization trends. The anticipation of growth in the company’s sales and profits aligns with the optimistic price targets set by analysts.

Moreover, considering the company’s endeavor to reduce debt and improve its net profit margins, these targets might undergo positive revisions. For those considering NCC shares, keeping a close eye on the periodically updated share price targets from advisories like Motilal Oswal is essential.

Keeping track of NCC Limited’s market performance, the share price targets set by Motilal Oswal could look something like this:

  • Short-term target: Monitoring immediate fluctuations and setting a timely target point.
  • Mid-term target: Reflecting on projected company and sector growth within a 1-2 year timeframe.
  • Long-term target: Envisioning the potential of NCC in light of infrastructure development and company strategy spanning over 5 years or more.

Each point resonates with the investor’s timeline and risk appetite, emphasizing the need for tailored investment strategies. The continuous progression in NCC’s business model and potential market growth opportunities lends credibility to positive long-term forecasts provided by advisories.

NCC Share Price Target 2024

As I delve into the figures for NCC Limited’s share price targets for 2024, it’s crucial to understand the volatility of the stock market. With NCC’s current price standing at INR 203.25optimism appears to be the prevailing sentiment among investors. Analysts are setting their sights on varied targets, each indicating different investment horizons and levels of risk appetite.

For those eyeing short-term movements, NCC presents intriguing price targets that reflect the potential ebbs and flows. Considering the latest trends, stock watchers might find the first upside target of INR 199.48 of particular interest. However, the market can just as quickly shift gears, presenting downside markers like the near-term target of 18,528.

Downside TargetsUpside Targets

Observed stock progression throughout its recent trading range from INR 177.30 to 194.50 reinforces the notion that NCC could be on track to hit its more ambitious target of INR 212.58. The closing mark of INR 193.25 suggests a solid day’s end, nearly 170 points above the previous close.

The intriguing aspect of these share price targets is their spectrum. There are multiple figures to ponder, and they’re not mere speculations. Each number is backed by data—a reflection of ongoing market dynamics that seasoned investors and newcomers alike can use to guide their decisions.

For those planning for the mid to long-term, the assortment of downside and upside targets charts a course that can accommodate various strategies. Here’s a clear snapshot of the prevailing share price trajectory:

Short-Term TargetsMid-Term TargetsLong-Term Targets

NCC Share Price Target 2030

When looking ahead to 2030, setting the right expectations for NCC Limited’s share price target requires a thorough understanding of market dynamics, economic conditions, and company performance. As an investor, I’m focusing on the long-term potential, aiming to pinpoint where the share might land over an extended period. Analyzing past and present performance, the targets for NCC shares seem to hint at a steady upward trajectory.

Historical Data and Present Scenario

The past performance of NCC Limited gives us context for future predictions. In the volatile sea of the stock market, current movements can act as a beacon for what’s to come. As of January 10, 2024, the stock is exhibiting an upward trend, trading at 193.25, significantly higher from its opening at 177.30. Such movements indicate strong short-term momentum, which could extrapolate into robust long-term gains.

Market Predictions and Projections

When I analyze the figures, it’s evident that the speculative nature of share markets requires attention to detail. Investors and analysts often use elaborate models that consider various economic indicators to set long-term price targets. Although it’s challenging to predict with absolute certainty, we can speculate on a target based on observable trends and expert analyses.

  • Adapting to Uncertainties

Investing towards a 2030 target requires understanding that market conditions can change. Adaptability is key. The currently observed upside trend suggests a positive outlook. Still, one should closely monitor factors like economic policies, sector performance, and geopolitical climate, which could impact NCC’s market position and share value.

  • Risk Appetite and Strategy Tailoring

Every investor has different risk appetites, and long-term targets must align with individual strategies. Whether you’re a risk-averse investor seeking stable growth or an aggressive player aiming for high returns, setting a 2030 share price target for NCC requires a tailored approach that fits with your financial goals and investment horizon.

Advancing towards 2030, my focus remains on the underlying strengths of NCC Limited, keeping an eye on broader market trends and revising targets as needed to stay ahead in the investment game.

NCC Share Price Target Today

As we dig into the current trends, the NCC share price today strikes as a point of significant interest for both existing and prospective investors. Keeping track of today’s price target provides a snapshot of the market sentiment and helps us gauge short-term movements.

Analyzing today’s dynamics, it’s crucial to look at various triggers that might affect NCC’s stock price. Today’s trading session could be swayed by market news, quarterly results, or any regulatory changes impacting the construction sector. It’s these day-to-day variations that often contribute to the company’s volatility profile, making it equally appealing for traders who capitalize on short-term price movements.

Guided by recent patterns and the performance metrics laid out in prior sessions, we can pinpoint factors that directly influence today’s share price. We’re talking about elements like current demand, the ebb and flow of sector trends, and the broader economic environment.

Performance MetricsCurrent Value
Opening Price195.60
Previous Close195.60
Day’s High200.50
Day’s Low195.60

Evidently, today’s stock movements should not be seen in isolation but as a part of a continuum that illustrates NCC’s performance trajectory. Do note that while these figures are ephemeral and can fluctuate even in the course of a trading day, they serve as critical indicators for short-term investment strategies.

I’m always keen to remind readers that while focusing on today’s share price target is compelling, it should be part of a more extensive, thorough investment analysis. Keeping an eye on the broader trends and how they dovetail with today’s numbers ensures a more robust approach to understanding NCC’s investment potential.

Lastly, the insights gleaned from today’s share price movements need to be layered over historical data and the anticipated targets for 2024 and beyond to create a composite view of NCC’s financial health and potential. Stepping back to look at this bigger picture helps sharpen our investment decisions and refine our forecasts for the company’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NCC a Good Stock to Buy?

Deciding whether NCC is a good stock to buy involves a multifaceted analysis of the company’s performance and market position. Take into account current PE ratio, which stands at an admirable 20.81. Additionally, with an EPS of 9.55, NCC reflects robust earning potential. Investors often gauge a stock’s potential by its ROE and NCC’s impressive ROE signifies strong managerial efficiency. The steadily increasing revenue stream also suggests favorable operational momentum. Paired with a significant market cap of Rs 11,819.21 Cr and a diverse project portfolio, NCC is poised as an appealing investment opportunity. Nevertheless, individual investment goals and risk tolerance play a crucial role in this decision.

What Is NCC Share?

Shares of NCC represent ownership in NCC Limited, a midcap construction giant with a market cap of Rs 9,556 Crores. NCC shares are listed on the NSE and symbolize a part of the company’s equity. Stockholders are thus entitled to a portion of the profits and assets of NCC, evidenced by a dividend yield of 1.14%. The dynamic nature of NCC shares, influenced by factors like economic conditions, sector trends, and company performance, is reflected in the substantial 3-year return of 225.47%.

Will NCC Share Price Increase?

The prospect of NCC’s share price increasing hinges on a complex interplay of market trends, company performance, and sector developments. Historical data shows promising growth with a 57.70% return over the last six months and a 116.17% return over the last year. Robust order books and strategic focus on debt reduction hint at sustained performance. Although market forecasts suggest a positive trajectory with share price targets for 2024 ranging between Rs 175 and Rs 200, it’s crucial to monitor ongoing economic policies and sector-specific outlooks for a grounded prediction. Market sentiment following key government announcements and NCC’s implementation of growth strategies will also shape the future price movement.


Keeping a close eye on the evolving market scenario is key to making informed decisions about NCC’s share price targets. I’ve delved into the various elements that could influence its trajectory, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive analysis over mere speculation. It’s crucial to remember that while the current targets suggest a promising outlook for NCC, they’re part of a larger picture that requires constant reassessment in light of new data and market shifts. As an investor, staying updated on NCC’s progress and the factors at play will help you navigate the investment landscape with more confidence and insight.

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