Manappuram Share Price Targets: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040

Navigating the stock market can be akin to steering a ship through uncharted waters, and that’s where understanding share price targets becomes invaluable. I’ve been closely monitoring Manappuram Finance, a notable player in the financial sector, and its share price movements offer intriguing insights. Setting sights on the company’s stock, we notice distinct patterns that hint at potential support and resistance levels, crucial for both short-term traders and long-term investors.

Recent trends suggest that Manappuram Finance’s share price responds predictably to certain thresholds. If it’s trading below a specific mark, the likelihood of hitting lower targets rises, while trading above it increases the chances of reaching higher targets. These levels are not just arbitrary numbers; they are based on meticulous analysis and have proven to be significant in the stock’s weekly, monthly, and daily performance. Let’s dive deeper into what these targets mean for Manappuram Finance and how they could shape your investment strategy.

Manappuram Share Price Targets tomorrow

When it comes to understanding Manappuram Finance’s share price targets for tomorrow, the market’s signals are quite clear. If the stock is trading above a certain level, the odds lean towards hitting upside price targets. Conversely, trading below this level might indicate downside potential.

For Manappuram Finance, this critical level appears to be at INR 169.27. Based on recent movements, if the stock price is above this figure, the chances of achieving higher price targets increase substantially. Now, let’s delve into specific price points that traders are eyeing.

Manappuram Finance’s short-term targets reveal a nuanced field of potential outcomes:

  • Downside Target 1: INR 16.21
  • Downside Target 2: INR 156.15

On the flip side, if the stock rallies and sustains above that crucial INR 169.27 level, we’re looking at:

  • Upside Target 1: INR 175.25
  • Upside Target 2: INR 182.45

These price levels are gleaned from meticulous chart analyses, including daily movements and trading patterns. Keep in mind that the market is dynamic—today’s predictions are but a snapshot influenced by countless variables.

Aside from the day-to-day fluctuations, Manappuram’s longer-term performance also paints an interesting picture. The stock is categorized under Finance, including NBFCs—a sector that’s often under the intense scrutiny of seasoned market watchers. Regular updates and expert opinions on stocks like Manappuram Finance can be incredibly informative, but they should be one of many tools investors use to make educated decisions.

Price LevelDownside TargetUpside Target
Critical Level (INR)169.27169.27
Target 1 (INR)162.1175.25
Target 2 (INR)156.15182.45

It’s imperative to recognize that these targets are not set in stone. They are subject to change with market conditions, and keeping abreast of the latest news and announcements from Manappuram Finance is advisable for those interested in this stock’s trajectory.

Manappuram Share Price Targets 2025

As we look ahead to the year 2025, understanding where Manappuram Finance’s share price could potentially land becomes crucial for forward-thinking investors. In the realm of stock analysis, long-term trends play a significant role, often setting the stage for making informed decisions. Manappuram Finance’s performance depends on various factors, including economic conditions, market sentiment, and company-specific events.

When evaluating the share price target for 2025, the concept of technical analysis can’t be ignored. Price patterns today give us a glimpse into future movements. In Manappuram Finance’s case, I’ve identified key support and resistance levels that may indicate where the stock could trend in the long haul. The critical levels, as known today, sit at INR 169.27 for a potential pivot point. If Manappuram’s stock consistently trades above this level over time, it might signal a bullish trend into 2025.

Conversely, if the price lingers below INR 169.27, investors may need to brace for the possibility that lower targets may come into play. The historical data suggests that if this threshold isn’t crossed, Manappuram could see levels closer to downside targets well before we touch upon the year 2025.

That said, markets are dynamic, and external factors like regulatory changes, competitive developments, and global economic conditions could drastically alter these targets. To stay ahead, keeping abreast of news and market analysis is essential, ensuring that Manappuram Finance’s share price targets are reflective of both current states and forward-looking projections.

Looking at the macroeconomic horizon, one could readjust their financial strategy accordingly. That’s why I always emphasize the importance of ongoing assessment and remaining adaptable to the changing tides of the financial seas. Whether it’s staying up-to-date with global news or digging into the company’s financial health, understanding the broader picture is key to setting realistic expectations for Manappuram’s share price target in 2025.

Remember, investing isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about perception, predictions, and the power of information.

Manappuram Share Price Targets motilal oswal

In the dynamic world of stock market predictions, it’s always interesting to see what seasoned analysts like those at Motilal Oswal have to say. I’ve been tracking their forecasts closely, and Motilal Oswal’s target for Manappuram Finance Ltd has caught my attention.

As I delve deeper, it’s evident that Motilal Oswal bases its predictions on a blend of technical and fundamental analyses. Their latest report presents a bullish stance, reflected in their substantial share price target for Manappuram. This optimism stems from the company’s robust performance in recent quarters.

Here’s a quick look at some of the key points from Motilal Oswal’s analysis:

  • Strong Profit After Tax (PAT) growth of 20.5% year-over-year
  • Healthy Net Interest Income (NII) growth
  • Significant Advance growth
  • Improvements in Net Interest Margins (NIMs)
  • AUM growth for the second fiscal quarter at 42%
  • Policy to increase the non-gold portfolio to 25%

Motilal Oswal has set a share price target that implies a substantial appreciation from the current levels. They’ve underlined the soundness of Manappuram’s financial strategies and the potential for sustained growth. Their confidence in Manappuram’s trajectory is hard to overlook, especially considering their in-depth analysis and historical accuracy.

I’m keeping an eye on the AUM growth, which – if it stays true to predictions – can significantly influence the stock’s performance. Moreover, the company’s move towards diversifying beyond gold financing aligns with a broader vision for stability and could be a game-changer in the long run.

Consequently, traders and long-term investors alike are taking note of such targets, using them as a gauge for their investment decisions. Whether you’re day trading or in it for the long haul, staying informed about such detailed predictions by reputed analysts is a cornerstone of sensible investment strategies.

Manappuram Share Price Targets 2030

In considering long-term investment opportunities, it’s crucial to look at how Manappuram Finance could perform towards the end of the decade. As we observe the trends, the Manappuram share price target for 2030 hinges on various fundamental and technical aspects that are key to projecting future values.

Manappuram Finance has exhibited resilience and potential for growth, which suggests a positive outlook for its share price in the coming years. The company’s ability to adapt to economic changes and its strategic business moves will play a critical role in determining its market position and shareholder value by 2030.

By analyzing historical data, the current trajectory suggests that Manappuram could establish new benchmarks in terms of share price. It’s anticipated that both operational performance and market sentiments will shape the progression of its stock value. With bull markets, the share target might see an upward trend; however, one must consider the influence of bear markets, regulatory changes, and industry innovations as well.

Understanding past performance is one of the best indicators of future success. Here’s a quick look at the potential support and resistance levels going forward:

YearSupport LevelResistance Level

For actionable insights, I’m tracking key financial metrics such as profit growth, net interest income growth, and advance growth, which should inform the predictions for Manappuram’s 2030 targets.

As the financial landscape evolves, staying attuned to market dynamics is imperative. I’ll be closely monitoring the company’s performance and market trends to provide updates on possible target adjustments. Keep an eye on Manappuram’s annual reports, quarterly results, and market news to stay ahead in the investment game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Manappuram Finance a Good Buy?

When it comes to investing in Manappuram Finance, prospective shareholders must assess numerous indicators that suggest the health and potential growth of the company. Recently, CLSA, a reputable foreign brokerage, upheld their Buy rating for Manappuram Finance Ltd and targeted a share price of Rs 185. The decisive factors supporting their optimism include the company’s strategic push towards diversification, aiming for an even loan mix between gold and other segments.

Manappuram Finance has been focusing on expanding its nongold business segments, which now account for approximately 47% of the consolidated Assets Under Management (AUM) mix. The management’s target to achieve a 20% Return On Equity (ROE) and a 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in loans over the medium term strengthens the belief in the company’s potential. With a large customer base, a wide network of branches, and a rising diversification in their lending portfolio, Manappuram Finance is showing strong business fundamentals that could entice investors looking for value in the financial sector. However, I’d recommend keeping an eye on the operational performance and market sentiments to assess the investment’s timing accurately.

Does Manappuram Buy Gold?

Yes, Manappuram Finance has a significant presence in the gold loan market. As one of India’s leading NBFCs, they predominantly deal in gold loans and offer various services related to gold transactions. The company’s business model is primarily based on providing loans against the security of gold jewelry. This has contributed significantly to their growth and reputation in the financial market. Gold loans are one of the safest and quickest options for customers to access funds, which gives Manappuram Finance a competitive edge.G Additionally, the company’s extensive experience in appraising gold’s value ensures that customers receive a fair and accurate loan amount based on the current gold prices.

By offering services like gold loans, Manappuram Finance has positioned itself as a go-to resource for individuals seeking financial solutions backed by gold assets. Their expansive branch network makes it convenient for customers to avail themselves of these services. With the robust systems in place for gold loan processing and disbursal, Manappuram Finance continues to thrive in this segment of the market.


Predicting the Manappuram share price target for 2030 requires a nuanced approach that balances historical data with forward-looking indicators. I’ve highlighted the company’s strategic moves toward diversification and its robust presence in the gold loan sector. While no one can predict the future with certainty, staying abreast of Manappuram Finance’s operational performance and broader market trends is key for investors looking to capitalize on potential growth opportunities. Keep an eye on their progress in the nongold business segments, which could be pivotal in their trajectory. Remember, informed decisions are the bedrock of successful investments, and Manappuram Finance certainly gives us plenty to consider.

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