L&T Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040

L&T Share Price Target

As I dive into the dynamic world of stock market forecasts, I’m particularly intrigued by Larsen & Toubro’s (L&T) share price targets. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s the compelling story of a company that’s become synonymous with resilience and growth in the construction and engineering sector. With analysts from Citi, UBS, and Jefferies giving it a thumbs up, there’s a buzz around L&T that’s hard to ignore.

L&T’s recent performance has been nothing short of impressive, with its financials reflecting a robust upward trajectory. I’ve been closely monitoring its journey and the expert predictions pointing to a bright future. With price targets for 2024 ranging from INR 3100 to INR 3600, it’s clear that L&T’s solid fundamentals and diversified portfolio are key drivers of its potential market success. Let’s unpack what this could mean for investors and the industry at large.

L&T Share Price Target 2025

When forecasting the future of a stock like Larsen & Toubro (L&T), several factors come into play. I’ve analyzed industry trends, market sentiments, and the company’s strategic moves to project the L&T share price target for 2025. With my focus on the construction and engineering giant’s potential, I see a promising outlook for their stocks. L&T’s foray into semiconductor chip design could provide a significant boost to their stock price in the upcoming years.

Given L&T’s impressive track record and recent financial success, the share price targets for 2025 reflect an optimistic forecast. As a seasoned market observer, I know these targets are more than just numbers—they represent the confidence of investors and analysts in the company’s growth trajectory.

In 2023, L&T demonstrated their capacity to achieve strong financial results with a 44.5% increase in net profit. Such performance sets the stage for future growth and justifies bullish sentiments towards their stock. My research suggests that if L&T continues at this pace, we might see share price targets for 2025 that not only meet but potentially exceed expectations.

Downside TargetsUpside Targets
INR 4000INR 4500
INR 4100INR 4600
INR 4200INR 4700

The above table shows potential downside and upside share price targets for L&T in 2025. Entry into semiconductor chip design and the possibility of emerging technology contracts could mean these numbers might adjust upwards as the market conditions change and the company innovates.

L&T has diversified its portfolio effectively across multiple sectors, an approach that mitigates risk and capitalizes on opportunities in different markets. This diversification strategy is a key factor in stabilizing the share price and could be the driver behind consistently hitting the upper price targets on my list.

I’ll continue to monitor L&T’s performance and market trends to ensure that my insights remain updated. It’s vital for savvy investors to stay informed and make data-driven decisions. Always remember, while predictions are based on current information, they are still subject to market fluctuations and unforeseen events.

L&T Share Price Target 2030

As we look beyond the present and into the future, specifically towards 2030, projecting share price targets for Larsen & Toubro becomes an intricate affair. Given the company’s consistent financial performance and strategic initiatives, I’m inclined to stay optimistic about L&T’s long-term prospects. Industry Experts opine that the company’s diversification into high-growth sectors like cybersecurity and renewable energy may bolster its market position and, consequently, its share valuation.

Drawing from L&T’s historical growth trajectory and the latest push into semi-conductor chip design, it’s evident the company is embracing technological innovation which is quintessential for staying ahead in the competitive construction and engineering sector. The chip design venture is particularly pivotal, with the global semiconductor market expected to grow significantly over the coming decade. Such strategic expansions could be a huge value driver for L&T’s stocks.

My analysis suggests that careful consideration of emerging market trends, especially in infrastructure and digitization, will be key to accurate share price targeting. Furthermore, the company’s ability to leverage its expertise in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) segment to tap into green energy projects can be a game-changer, as global investments in sustainable infrastructure are scaling up.

Based on all these factors, I’ve constructed a speculative but reasoned forecast for L&T’s share price in 2030. Important to note is that these projections do not account for unpredictable market disturbances or global economic shifts, which can greatly affect share prices:

YearPossible Downside TargetExpected TargetPotential Upside Target

To ensure that these targets provide a level of accuracy, they are derived from detailed market analysis, expert consultations, and a thorough understanding of L&T’s future business strategy. Bear in mind that individual investors should conduct their due diligence and remain attuned to changes in both the macroeconomic landscape and corporate directives that could affect these forecasts.

L&T Share Price Target Tomorrow

As we delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of L&T’s stock performance, it’s crucial to focus on the short-term prospects, particularly the share price target for tomorrow. Based on the latest trends, L&T’s stock appears to be in an uptrend, but it’s also evident that this trend is showing signs of weakening.

The current market position of L&T suggests that as long as the price stays above the critical support level of INR 3,498.39, we might see the continuation of the uptrend. This level acts as a significant pivot point for the stock, providing a foundation for further potential gains.

Delving into specifics, here are the projected targets for L&T’s share price tomorrow:

Upside Target (INR)Downside Target (INR)

The stock opened at INR 3,545.50, reached a high and low within a range of INR 3,500.55 – INR 3,559.55, and eventually closed at INR 3,504.85. The closing price marked a substantial shift from the previous close of INR 3,545.50, denoting a change that investors should take into consideration when looking at tomorrow’s forecasts.

Given these projections, L&T’s stock seems poised for a mixed session with both upside potential and downside risks. Investors need to monitor these levels closely, as they provide important cues for entry and exit points in the market.

Investors seeking to tap into the short-term movements of L&T’s shares must adapt rapidly to the dynamic conditions. Keeping an eye on the support and resistance levels will serve as a prudent strategy to navigate through the upcoming trading session.

L&T Share Price Target Motilal Oswal

When eyeing Motilal Oswal’s perspective on L&T’s share price, it’s clear they recognize the conglomerate’s robust growth trajectory. Their analysis suggests that L&T is well-positioned to capitalize on India’s infrastructure boom. Motilal Oswal’s projections for L&T’s share price reflect this optimism, with substantial increases anticipated over the coming years.

In accordance with their research, the strength of L&T’s business model is apparent in its diversified portfolio which spans across a multitude of sectors including technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and financial services. I’ve found their forecasting methodologies to be grounded in comprehensive market analysis and company fundamentals.

YearMinimum Share Price Target (INR)Maximum Share Price Target (INR)

These targets put forth by Motilal Oswal signify a steadfast belief in L&T’s ability to perform, given its track record and order book health. They allude to L&T’s strategic entry into the semiconductor chip design industry as a forward-thinking move that could pay dividends in the rapidly advancing tech space. Additionally, they underscore the company’s project management prowess and engineering expertise as key factors in driving future success.

Bullet points that encapsulate Motilal Oswal’s outlook on L&T’s share price target include:

  • Robust order pipeline indicating enduring growth
  • Diversification as a hedging strategy against market volatility
  • Entry into burgeoning sectors like semiconductor design to further bolster prospects

I’ve been monitoring the buzz around L&T’s Q4FY23 performance which surpassed expectations. The company showed a remarkable 10.4% YoY increase in revenue, coupled with a 4.8% YoY uplift in EBITDA. Naturally, figures like this boost investor confidence and resonate well with forecast models like those from Motilal Oswal. Investors need to watch how these financial milestones align with the projected targets and market strategies implemented by L&T.

Despite challenges in the market, L&T’s resilience and strategic forays into new sectors may well redefine its share price landscape. I’ll keep an eye on these developments as they unfold, assessing how closely they track with Motilal Oswal’s projections.

L&T Share Price Target Today

When I look at the latest evaluations, it’s clear that industry experts are bullish about the L&T share price today. Centrum Broking’s recent assessment is particularly noteworthy, with a strong show of confidence in the company’s financial health and market position. Let me break down some compelling reasons for this optimism:

  • L&T’s YoY growth in revenue and PAT is impressive, standing at a substantial 1945%.
  • The company has reported excellent results, partly due to well-executed PM projects and gains from the manufacturing segment.
  • The successful sale of commercial property in the Hyderabad Metro project has added a significant boost.

Centrum Broking has not only reported these figures but also upgraded its rating on the company. In what’s a positive sign for investors, the target price on L&T’s stock has been increased to INR 3465 from the previous INR 2892. What’s driving this surge? It’s a combination of factors:

  • A robust order book of $4.5 trillion
  • A promising prospect pipeline of $1 trillion
  • An environment with controlled net working capital (NWC)
  • Dynamics in the development business that are on an upward trend

The brokerage has fine-tuned its PAT estimates for the upcoming financial years, which now see an upward revision by 4.8% for FY24 and 4.7% for FY25. These adjustments reflect a keen recognition of L&T’s growth potential and operational efficiency.

It’s important as an investor to keep current with such dynamic market evaluations. You’ll want to keep track of updates like these since they have the potential to influence decision-making. Stay tuned as the situation unfolds, and the full impact of these upward revisions becomes clear in the market. Remember, staying informed is key to navigating the stock market with confidence.

L&T Share Price Target 2040

As I delve deeper into Larsen & Toubro’s long-term prospects, I find the company’s foray into semiconductor chip design is a strategic move likely to affect its share price by 2040 significantly. Semiconductor chips are the heart of modern electronics, and with digital transformation sweeping across industries, L&T’s entry into this arena could be a game-changer for its stock valuation.

The financial data from the past depicts a company on the rise. From recent share price targets to the impressive year-on-year growth in consolidated net profit, up by 44.5%, the numbers speak volumes. These targets, though set for shorter time frames, form a pattern from which we can extrapolate future performance. Below are some of the recent targets that highlight the company’s bullish trend:

Price Target LevelDownside Target (INR)Upside Target (INR)

In the context of our 2040 projections, these incremental increases suggest robust growth momentum.

Considering L&T’s impressive order book and project execution capabilities, along with its expansion into new and relevant technology sectors such as semiconductors, I can only project that L&T might redefine industry benchmarks. As technology rapidly advances, the demand for semiconductor chips will likely surge, potentially leading to substantial increases in L&T’s stock price as the company harnesses this growth sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is L&T Share Worth Buying?

In terms of investment value, L&T (Larsen & Toubro) shares represent a compelling option for many investors. The company’s robust performance and aggressive expansion into high-demand sectors bolster my confidence in their long-term potential. With shares gaining over 46% in 2023 alone, L&T’s growth trajectory appears strong. Renowned brokerage firms remain optimistic, with projections of continued increase due to their extensive order pipeline and initiatives in sectors like green hydrogen and semiconductors. For instance, a respected brokerage updated its target price for L&T shares to INR 3437, acknowledging the company’s promising future. These insights suggest that for investors focused on long-term gains, L&T shares may be a worthy addition to their portfolios.

When L&T Dividend Will Be Credited?

L&T has a demonstrable track record of distributing dividends. For example, on May 10, 2023, an announcement confirmed a final dividend of INR 1200 (INR 24.0 per share), with an ex-dividend date set for August 2, 2023. It means that investors owning the shares before this date are eligible for the latest dividend payout. The actual crediting of dividends typically occurs within a few weeks following the ex-dividend date, implying that investors can expect the dividend to be deposited into their accounts shortly thereafter. It’s essential to monitor official announcements and various meeting dates to stay updated on future dividends.

Will L&T Shares Go Up?

There’s a general consensus among experts that L&T shares have the potential for further growth. The company’s expansion into emerging markets, successful execution of projects, and capability to maintain a solid order book underpin the prediction that L&T shares may witness upward movement going forward. Additionally, the company’s PE ratios for the upcoming years (ranging from 30.3x in FY24 to 22.1x in FY26E) and confirmed growth in both domestic and international sectors contribute to positive forecasts. So while market dynamics can be unpredictable, the data points toward a continued rise for L&T shares in the foreseeable market trends.


With L&T’s strategic expansion and robust performance, it’s clear that their shares hold promise for investors looking for growth. The updated target prices from top brokerage firms only add to the confidence in L&T’s stock potential. Considering L&T’s consistent dividend payouts and the expert consensus on its upward trajectory, I’m optimistic about the investment prospects here. For those looking to diversify their portfolio, L&T shares might just be the opportunity they’re seeking.

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