Jubilant Food Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030

Jubilant Food Share Price Target

Navigating the stock market can be as tantalizing as a gourmet meal, and when it comes to Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd, there’s a rich platter of analyst forecasts to digest. Recently, BofA Securities adjusted its stance on the company, downgrading it to neutral while setting a price target of 58,000, a notable shift from its previous position.

Amidst the ebb and flow of the Sensex, Jubilant FoodWorks’ shares have seen their fair share of fluctuations. With trading volumes peaking at 30,323 shares and the stock experiencing both dips and rises in a dynamic market, investors are keenly watching the stock’s performance. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley holds steady with an equal-weight rating and a target of 46,400, adding another layer to the financial narrative.

It’s a market mosaic with varying hues as HSBC retains a bullish outlook with a buy rating and a 60,000 target, while CLSA advocates a sell position with a target of 50,200. With such diverse opinions, I’m here to unpack the latest on Jubilant FoodWorks’ share price targets and what they could mean for your investment decisions.

Jubilant Food Share Price Target 2025

As I delve into the expectations for Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd’s share price by 2025, it’s evident that forecasts vary widely among analysts. BofA Securities, known for its meticulous analysis, shifted its stance to neutral and set a target at INR 580, citing potential headwinds and market fluctuations as key factors. This adjustment highlights a more conservative expectation compared to their previous optimistic outlook.

Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley, another financial powerhouse, keeps its outlook at equal weight with a target of INR 464. This suggests a belief in the company’s stable performance despite not anticipating significant growth margins that would warrant a more bullish position. In contrast, HSBC remains decidedly positive, issuing a buy rating and eyeing a target of INR 600 for Jubilant FoodWorks. They likely foresee the company’s strategic growth initiatives and market penetration to drive robust performance in the medium term.

In the midst of these divergent projections, the current trading metrics for Jubilant FoodWorks provide some context. The company’s PE (Price-to-Earnings) multiple has oscillated, with recent figures showcasing it as:

StatusPE MultiplePrice-To-Book Value Ratio

This variability signifies the market’s changing perception of the company’s earnings potential. Additionally, share volume fluctuations reflect the investors’ reactions to market shifts. For instance, when the Sensex dipped, we saw a trading volume of 18,084 shares and a 0.09% drop in Jubilant Food’s stock price — hinting at investor caution. On the flip side, a 3.29% rise corresponded with a higher volume of 30,323 shares, indicating greater investor confidence during market upticks.

Adding to the mix, CLSA has adopted a rather bearish outlook, proposing a sell rating with a target of INR 502. Their analysis may take into account prospective competitive challenges or perceived limitations in Jubilant FoodWorks’ expansion potential.

Jubilant Food Share Price Target Tomorrow

When trading, I always keep my eye on the potential movements of share prices. For a company like Jubilant FoodWorks, these daily predictions are incredibly valuable. Investors and traders often look for an edge, and understanding near-term expectations can be just that. With the stock listed under the NSE code JUBLFOOD, I’ve noticed speculations aiming at tomorrow’s movements. An analysis of the stock’s behavior, market trends, and recent launches can serve as a basis for these predictions.

I’ve seen Jubilant FoodWorks making strategic moves to expand its menu offerings, including launching Chef Boss Biriyani in selected outlets. This indicates their agile approach to cater to diverse customer preferences, and I believe it could positively impact their short-term share price. Additionally, the rapid growth in their network hints at the possibility of the share hitting significant milestones soon.

The real-time targeted performance of Jubilant FoodWorks’ shares remains a hot topic among investors. Based on the data I’ve come across, the Short-Term Price Targets for JUBLFOOD suggest a fluctuation between INR 515.83 and INR 524.28. The nuanced understanding of these targets can be crucial for those looking to make immediate investment decisions. Therefore, monitoring the company’s announcements, market sentiments, and volatility indices is a regular part of my routine to gauge these daily targets accurately.

As for Jubilant FoodWorks’ performance tomorrow, it’s important to remember that share price targets are based on both technical analysis and the company’s operational strength. While the near-term targets are handy, they should always be considered in the context of the overall market ecosystem and the stock’s historical performance. Keep in mind that while there are predictions available, the market’s inherent unpredictability means these targets are not certainties but rather informed estimates based on available data.

Jubilant Food Share Price Target 2030

When looking toward 2030, it’s crucial to consider long-term factors that may influence Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd’s share price. In the past decade, the company’s strategic positioning and expansion have played a pivotal role in shaping its market value. I’ll delve into what analysts expect and how these predictions align with the company’s growth trajectory.

Analysts have varying opinions on the long-term prospects of Jubilant FoodWorks. Looking at the broader picture, the growth of India’s middle class and the increasing penchant for convenience foods are two socioeconomic trends likely to benefit companies like Jubilant FoodWorks. Moreover, the company’s ongoing innovation in menu offerings and service efficiency, coupled with its robust expansion plans, could significantly impact its valuation by 2030. My interpretation of these multi-faceted factors suggests a potential for robust share price growth, provided that Jubilant continues to capitalize on these market dynamics.

BofA Securities downgraded the stock to neutral with a future price target hinting at cautious optimism. In contrast, HSBC maintains a ‘buy’ rating, reflecting confidence in Jubilant’s strategy and execution. It’s essential to monitor how these targets might evolve as 2030 approaches. Share price targets are derived from complex models that take into account projected earnings growth, market saturation levels, and competitive landscape shifts.

In stock market lore, it’s acknowledged that the further out the forecast, the more speculative it becomes. Therefore, any share price target for Jubilant FoodWorks looking a decade ahead would need to be revisited frequently. Future targets will have to reflect emerging trends like digital adoption in the food sector, regulatory changes, and economic cycles. These factors could immensely influence the bottom line and, subsequently, the share price.

Investors should watch for sustained performance metrics such as earnings growth and return on equity. Jubilant’s ability to maintain high customer engagement through innovative marketing strategies and loyalty programs could also sway investor sentiment. By keeping an eye on these indicators, we can better gauge the company’s progress toward achieving the 2030 targets set by analysts.

Jubilant Food Share Price Target 2024

As I delve into the stock market forecasts, specially focusing on Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd, it’s pivotal to analyze analyst predictions and share price targets that give us an inkling of what 2024 may hold. Despite the daily ebb and flow of share prices, it’s the strategic projections that snag investors’ attention.

BofA Securities has revised its stance on Jubilant FoodWorks, shifting from buy to neutral. This significant change came with an updated price target of INR 580, knocked down from their previous higher expectation. Observing this new target, I can’t help but wonder about the underlying factors driving such a recalibration. It might be linked to market dynamics or perhaps specific to the company’s performance and future prospects.

On the other hand, Morgan Stanley maintains its equalweight rating but with a price target of INR 464. This figure, while lower than BofA’s, still suggests a level of confidence in Jubilant Food’s stability moving into 2024. But investing isn’t just about following one opinion—it’s about gathering diverse insights.

Adding to this spectrum of forecasts, HSBC maintains a buy rating with a hopeful price target of INR 600. HSBC’s optimistic target contrasts against CLSA’s sell rating, which accompanies a price target of INR 502. These varying targets are not just numbers—they’re reflections of intricate market analysis and the belief in the company’s ability to reach those valuations.

Analyst FirmRatingPrice Target (INR)
BofA SecuritiesNeutral580
Morgan StanleyEqual weight464

The stock’s performance notably fluctuates. It declined by 0.09%, then 0.47%, before sliding again by 0.18%, in various trading sessions. Amid this, it’s also seen a rise of 3.29% and 1.49% during other market activities. These shifts in the share price demonstrate the company’s responsiveness to broader market trends.

Jubilant Food Share Price Target 2027

As we delve into the projected share price target for Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd by 2027, it’s essential to consider the various financial forecasts and analytical predictions shaping these estimations. It’s important to remember that while targeted price points can offer valuable insights, they are subject to change based on market dynamics and the company’s performance.

Analyst Predictions and Financial Projections

In the realm of investment, analysts play a crucial role in projecting the future of stock prices. The extended timeline leading up to 2027 means that these predictions have to account for both current market conditions and the anticipated growth trajectory of Jubilant FoodWorks. According to recent analyst ratings, the company has a diverse set of expectations, with some forecasting significant growth spurred by India’s burgeoning middle class and others advising caution due to market volatility. Here’s a snapshot of recent analyst targets:

AnalystRatingEqual weight
BofA SecuritiesNeutral580
Morgan StanleyEqualweight464
Equal weightSell502

Share Price Reaction to Market Trends

Trading volume and price-to-earnings (PE) ratios offer a clear view of investor sentiment. On days when the markets faced headwinds, Jubilant FoodWorks’ stock has shown varying degrees of responsivity. Notably, I’ve observed a correlation between market mood and the share’s trading volume, with an uptick in trading on both positive and negative news days. This suggests that the investor community actively engages with Jubilant FoodWorks’ stock, reflecting its relevance in the market.

The company’s PE multiple, hovering around the mid-150s, and its price-to-book value ratio at 14.26 indicate a market perception that weighs heavily on earnings potential and book value. Going forward, maintaining or improving these metrics could be a significant driver for reaching the 2027 share price targets.

Growth Drivers and Emerging Trends

Jubilant Food Share Price Target Today

In the dynamic realm of the stock market, Jubilant FoodWork’s share price target today is a subject of interest for investors and market analysts alike. Keeping a close eye on the stock’s performance is essential for understanding how well it’s positioned amid India’s bustling food service industry. My focus here is to unpack the current share price target and what could be influencing these figures.

As of my latest analysis, various indicators suggest that Jubilant FoodWorks is maintaining its momentum in the market. It’s important to consider that past performance is often a strong indicator of future potential, yet it’s not a guarantee. Given the company’s consistent growth in delivering shareholder value since its market debut, one could draw a parallel to a potential uptick in the near-term share price target.

It’s essential to monitor trading volumes and price-to-earnings ratios, which are often reflective of market sentiment. With investor eyes closely monitoring these metrics, an uptrend in trading volume coupled with a favorable P/E ratio could signal a positive trajectory for the share price.

I’d also like to stress the significance of market trends that could sway Jubilant FoodWorks‘ share price. These include evolving consumer behaviors, the impact of economic policies, and sector-specific events. Such variables have the potential to substantially impact the share price, both today and in future projections.

Additionally, while nothing is set in stone, recent analyst targets for Jubilant FoodWorks point towards the potential for a positive reassessment of their share price target in the short term. Naturally, these targets are informed by intricate models and analyses of the company’s financial health and market standing.

Staying updated with the company’s performance, market news, and analyst outlooks gives us a solid footing to predict where the share price might be headed. Let’s remember that the food industry is often resilient to market shifts, and Jubilant FoodWorks’ stronghold as a significant player adds a layer of stability to share price expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jubilant Food a Good Buy?

Determining whether Jubilant FoodWorks is a good buy demands a careful analysis of its performance and market position. Jubilant FoodWorks, which holds master franchises for iconic brands like Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin’ Donuts in India, has established a monopoly market share. The company’s engagement strategies, including innovative promotional campaigns and discount offers, have resulted in a notable increase in customer reorder rates.

The brand’s foray into Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal signals an expansion strategy that could spell robust growth. Also, the company’s financial health, marked by the growth in net profit and a surge in profit margins, while maintaining low debt levels, speaks volumes about its potential. Add to this the promoters’ increased pledged shares and management’s commitment to a solid foundation for long-term growth, and investors might see favorable indicators for a good buy.

Monitoring Jubilant FoodWorks’ share price and key financial metrics remain essential. As the brand continues to expand its franchise network, one must consider the potential return on investment against the inherent risks associated with the food service chain industry.

Did Jubilant Food Share Split?

Yes, Jubilant FoodWorks did have a share split. The company’s board announced a share split on February 2, 2022, which was effected on April 19, 2022. The record date for the split was the following day, on April 20, 2022. The split involved changing the old face value of Rs.100.

A share split typically increases the number of shares owned by shareholders and can make the stock more accessible to a broader base of investors by reducing the price per share. However, it’s important to note that a split does not change the company’s market capitalization.

Understanding the implications and timing of such corporate actions is vital, as they can influence an investor’s decision-making process. The impact on the share price and the increase in liquidity post-split are factors that might attract new investors and potentially boost the share trading volume. Keeping an eye on Jubilant FoodWorks’ financial calendars for dividends, board meetings, and corporate announcements is crucial for timely and informed investment decisions.


I’ve walked you through the essentials of Jubilant FoodWorks’ stock, from its robust market stance to strategic growth initiatives. With a keen eye on their financial wellbeing and market performance, investors can make informed decisions. Remember, the share split has its own set of repercussions that could influence future price targets. Staying updated with the company’s financial timelines is crucial. As you weigh your options, consider the insights shared here to guide your investment journey with Jubilant FoodWorks. Happy investing!

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