Canara Bank Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040

Canara Bank Share Price Target

As an investor, I’m always on the hunt for insightful data that can guide my decisions, and Canara Bank’s share price targets for the end of 2023 have caught my eye. The figures suggest a range of possibilities that could impact my trading strategy. With an upside price target peaking at 455.64 and a series of downside targets, the lowest hitting 171.75, there’s a lot to consider.

I’ll dive into these numbers to understand what they could mean for Canara Bank’s performance in the short term. Whether you’re considering buying, holding, or selling, staying informed is key. So, let’s explore what these targets indicate and how they might influence your investment choices in one of India’s prominent banking institutions.

Canara Bank Share Price Target 2025

When looking ahead to 2025, Canara Bank’s share price targets indicate a range of outcomes that could significantly affect an investor’s portfolio. With a substantial client base and robust banking services, this Indian banking giant shows promise for those ready to hold their investments for the middle term.

The optimistic scenario for Canara Bank’s shares is quite bright. Based on expert analysis and market trends, the upside price target could potentially hit a remarkable number. If the economic conditions favor banking growth and Canara Bank continues to execute its strategic initiatives flawlessly, reaching these higher echelons is not just fancy thinking.

On the flip side, certain challenges could affect the banking sector, including interest rate changes, regulatory updates, and economic downturns, which may push the price targets lower. Yet even the downside targets, while conservative, should not be seen as a negative indicator but rather as a cushioned floor providing a snapshot of the potential lows that Canara Bank’s shares could hit.

Here’s a quick breakdown of potential share price targets for Canara Bank in 2025, assuming various market conditions:

Share Price ScenarioPotential Target (INR)
Slightly Bearish538.35
Worst Case486.95

It’s essential to understand that share trading is subject to market risk, and these targets should not serve as the sole basis for any investment decisions. A well-rounded strategy considering multiple financial goals and risk appetite is critical.

Keeping a close eye on the financial market indicators and Canara Bank’s performance will play a central role in determining how its share price will maneuver in the run-up to 2025. Monitoring quarterly results, strategic initiatives taken by the bank, and macroeconomic factors will guide informed decisions with respect to investments in Canara Bank.

Canara Bank Share Price Target Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal Financial Services, a notable brokerage firm, has set a buy call on Canara Bank shares, showing confidence in the bank’s performance. In their analysis, they’ve pegged an ambitious target price at INR 440. This price target comes after Canara Bank’s Q2FY24 earnings report, which I find particularly intriguing. Despite a minor compression in net interest margins (NIMs) by 5 basis points quarter-on-quarter, the firm foresees margins remaining steady. It’s notable how Motilal Oswal anticipates a balance, expecting the MCLR repricing to counterbalance any escalation in funding costs.

Motilal Oswal’s keen eye on the bank’s growth trajectory leads to their projection of Canara Bank achieving a return on assets (RoA) of 1.1% and a return on equity (RoE) of 17.6% by FY25. These figures are slightly higher than previous estimates, implying a positive outlook on the bank’s profitability. Here’s a snapshot of Motilal Oswal’s estimates for Canara Bank’s financial performance:

Financial MetricExpected Value (FY25)
Return on Assets (RoA)1.1%
Return on Equity (RoE)17.6%

It’s not just Motilal Oswal showing optimism towards Canara Bank. JM Financial, another brokerage firm, has also revised its target price upwards to INR 395 from an earlier target of INR 371. Their endorsement reinforces the positive sentiment hovering around Canara Bank’s stock.

Given these insights, I’m keenly watching the stock’s performance. As someone closely monitoring the banking sector, the alignment of predictions from these two reputable brokerage firms sets an intriguing stage for Canara Bank’s future market performance. It serves as a reminder that, while the figures provide an investment compass, they’re just part of a wider context investors should consider, including market trends and overall economic indicators.

Canara Bank Share Price Target Tomorrow

Investing in the stock market requires not just a look at the long-term prospects, but also an understanding of short-term movements. When it comes to Canara Bank’s share price targets for the near future, speculators and investors are acutely focused on tomorrow’s predictions. I’ve scrutinized the data to provide an insight into the potential share price targets for Canara Bank just one day ahead.

The stock closed at INR 448.20 with a slight decrease of 0.23%, equivalent to 1.05 points lower than the previous close of INR 449.25. While past performance is not indicative of future results, it’s natural to anticipate potential movement based on recent activity.

Close Price448.20
Previous Close449.25

The recent trend analysis indicates an upward trajectory for the stock with targets pegged at INR 474.64 and INR 493.02. These figures give investors and traders a ballpark figure to assess short-term opportunities in the stock. It’s imperative to stay updated with intraday movements, as they can give us cues about the stock’s direction.

Traders looking to capitalize on the next day’s volatility should pay close attention to these projected price levels. Keep in mind, price targets are projections and can be subject to changes due to market conditions and other economic factors. I recommend exercising due diligence and incorporating live updates into any trading strategy.

Tomorrow’s movement will be a small yet significant part of Canara Bank’s share price narrative. By watching the stock’s performance closely, we can better understand how it might align with the positive forecasts set by brokerage firms like Motilal Oswal and JM Financial. Stay tuned as the market opens and navigate accordingly.

Canara Bank Share Price Target 2030

When discussing long-term investments, it’s essential to consider various factors that could influence a bank’s performance. For Canara Bank, a robust institution with a significant presence in India, projections into 2030 require a deep dive into both economic predictions and the bank’s strategic plans.

In the next decade, Canara Bank’s share price is expected to reflect the bank’s adaptation to digital transformation, its growth strategy, and the overall health of the Indian and global economies. Continuous innovation in banking services and customer retention strategies will be key drivers.

While no one can predict the exact share price of Canara Bank in 2030, the analysis of current trends suggests that investors could expect a progressive rise from the levels projected in the near-term targets. The Indian banking sector’s ongoing consolidation and the push for financial inclusivity are positive signs that reinforce this belief. Moreover, Canara Bank’s consistent performance and strategic expansions are factors I consider when looking at potential growth.

Keeping an eye on regulatory changes, the bank’s quarterly reports, and industry growth patterns can provide further insights to guide potential share price predictions. It’s worth noting the aggressive penetration of digital banking solutions that Canara Bank is likely to further embrace which could act as a catalyst for significant value appreciation.

Investors should monitor updates in fintech collaborations, loan growth, and asset quality to gauge how these elements could impact Canara Bank’s share price. Assimilating such information will be crucial for assessing the bank’s trajectory towards the year 2030.


What Is the Share Price of Canara Bank?

As of December 14, 2023, the share price of Canara Bank stood at INR 448.20 as the latest update. This reflects a minor dip of 0.23% from the previous share price of INR 444.55. Observing the monthly performance, the share price had an uptick of 10.82%. The bank’s market capitalization, which provides a clear picture of its market value, is considerably large at INR 81,254.89 Crores, placing it at rank 11 within the banks sector.

Is It Good to Buy Canara Bank Shares Now?

Given the various factors that play into stock performance, it’s essential to analyze the current trends and data before making a decision. The bank has shown a consistency in performance with a year-long high of INR 454.70 and considering the following:

  • Promoter holding has maintained a steady stake of 62.93% as of September 30, 2023.
  • Domestic Institutional Investors showed a slight decrease in their holdings, moving from 16.33% to 14.64%.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors, on the other hand, increased their stake from 8.74% to 10.19%, indicating heightened interest from international markets.

These dynamics suggest that the bank maintains a stable investment profile with diverse interest from various investor segments. Detailed analysis and keening on intraday movements and long-term performance are recommended to determine if it’s the right time to buy shares.

Will Canara Bank Share Price Increase?

Projecting the increase in share price requires considering several market components, including industry trends, economic indicators, and the bank’s operational performance. The latest share price targets for Canara Bank for December 2023 show both upside and downside projections. Here’s a quick rundown of the targets:

First up Price TargetINR 454.70
First Down Price TargetINR 441.30
Second Down Price TargetINR 438.35
Third Down Price TargetINR 419.05
Fourth Down Price TargetINR 418.55

These targets indicate that analysts see potential movement in both directions. However, the upside target presents a possible increase, implying optimism for growth. Coupled with the bank’s recent achievements and improvements in asset quality, these factors may contribute to a progressive share price rise. Monitoring the bank’s disclosures, industry shifts and broader economic conditions will be key to foreseeing the direction of Canara Bank’s shares.


I’ve taken a deep dive into Canara Bank’s share price and its market dynamics. With the current price at INR 448.20, there’s a buzz around its future trajectory. My analysis suggests that the bank’s solid investment profile and interest from investors could hint at a bullish trend. However, it’s crucial to stay updated on the bank’s performance and market conditions. I’ll be keeping a close eye on how Canara Bank’s shares respond to the evolving economic landscape and I recommend you do the same. Whether you’re considering buying or just tracking, understanding these factors is key to making informed decisions. Keep an eye out for those shifts—they might just signal the right move for your investment strategy.

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