Adani Green Share Price Target: 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040

Adani Green Share Price Target

Navigating the stock market’s turbulent waves, I’ve kept my eye on Adani Green Energy’s share price, a beacon in the renewable energy sector. This company’s recent moves, like the commissioning of a 150MW solar power project in Rajasthan and Mumbai’s first 400KV grid, have rippled through the market. But what’s the future hold for investors?

Analysts are buzzing with predictions, and I’ve sifted through the noise to bring you the essential insights. From technical setups indicating support and resistance levels to price targets that could shape your investment strategy, we’ll dive into what the experts are saying about Adani Green’s potential. Let’s explore whether it’s time to go long or brace for a correction.

Adani Green Share Price Target 2025

As I continue to analyze Adani Green Energy’s trajectory, the 2025 share price target comes into focus. Given the speedy commissioning of substantial projects like the 150MW solar power project in Rajasthan and the first 400 KV grid in Mumbai, it’s evident that Adani Green is aggressively expanding its infrastructure.

Analysts have been cautious, with Bernstein setting a stern underperform rating and a near-term price target of INR 402.00. Yet, in assessing the company’s long-term potential, it’s crucial to consider not just immediate market sentiment but the broader trends in renewable energy and infrastructure development. With India set on boosting its renewable capacity, Adani Green’s strategic moves may place it in a vantage position over the next few years.

The technical setup indicates key support and resistance levels that savvy investors should monitor. With a current support level at INR 2050, there’s room for upward movement, particularly if the counter remains solid. Resistance is noted around INR 2190, suggesting that surpassing this barrier could signal a robust uptrend.

Here’s a snapshot of technical analysis and market cap at a glance:

Technical LevelValue (INR)
Near-Term Target2250
Market DataValue (INR Crore)
Market Cap (mcap)178203.65

Bear in mind, a stock’s potential cannot be gauged by technical levels alone. With Adani Green’s increasing capability to cater to India’s escalating power needs, the demand for renewable energy could steer the company’s shares well beyond current resistance levels.

While investment horizons vary, those looking with an eye toward 2025 might see these early figures as a footprint in the sand, not just as indicators of near-term movement but as markers on the path to a greener portfolio and a more sustainable future. As renewable energy sources become ever more integral to our lifestyles, companies like Adani Green stand as potential vanguards of the energy transition movement. With careful consideration of macroeconomic factors and regulatory landscapes, one can begin to piece together a clearer picture of what 2025 might hold for this green giant.

Adani Green Share Price Target 2024

When I analyze the potential share price target for Adani Green Energy for 2024, I’m looking at a mix of technical indicators and market dynamics. It’s beneficial to monitor the technical setup closely, as current trends can offer insights into future movements. According to analysts, Adani Green has recently shown signs of an overbought condition on daily charts, indicating strong resistance near the INR 1,190 mark. As an expert in equities and market analysis, I’m inclined to concur that such a technical standpoint is crucial in forecasting future price targets.

To give you a clearer picture, here’s a brief breakdown of the company’s technical position as of recent trade:

Support Level (INR)Resistance Level (INR)Near-Term Target Price (INR)Stop Loss Level (INR)

Support and resistance levels are fundamental for investors to identify potential entry and exit points. As for Adani Green, the INR 1,050 support level seems to be an ideal zone for investors to contemplate long positions. At the same time, it’s important to note that if the price experiences a daily close below INR 1,099, this could potentially trigger a decline towards INR 973 in the near term.

Moving forward, considering that the turnover on the counter has reached Rs 921.3 crore with a market capitalization of Rs 1,78,203.65 crore, the liquidity and size of Adani Green should be acknowledged as influential factors for its share price stability. Moreover, the recent completion of crucial infrastructure, like the solar power project in Rajasthan and the 400 KV grid in Mumbai, can significantly bolster Adani Green’s operational capabilities and, by extension, potentially its share value.

Given these considerations and the current positions held by traders, investors may well expect continual volatility as they set their sights on the 2024 share price target for Adani Green. With the landscape of renewable energy in India rapidly evolving, keeping tabs on macroeconomic factors and energy sector trends will also prove imperative in making informed projections for the fiscal year 2024.

Adani Green Share Price Target Tomorrow

Predicting the share price of Adani Green Energy for tomorrow requires a keen eye on market sentiment and immediate factors that could influence trading behavior. Given the recent upswing in Adani Green’s stock performance, investors are keenly watching for any fluctuations that may signal an optimal trading opportunity.

Recent Performance Trends

If we’re to consider the short-term perspective, historical data show that Adani Green has seen considerable movements. For instance, on 21st Dec 2023, Adani Green’s share price stood at Rs 1445.10, representing a marginal drop of 0.48% from the previous price of Rs 1453.18. This dip may seem trivial, but in the world of stock trading, even small changes can be an indicator of more significant shifts. Here’s a quick snapshot of Adani Green’s performance trends:

PeriodPrice Movement (%)
Last 1 Month+55
Last 3 Months+50
Last 12 Months-26.50
Last 3 Years+68.61

Market Dynamics

Beyond historical data, one must consider broader market circumstances. It’s no secret that the renewable energy sector experiences significant volatility due to policy shifts, environmental concerns, and technological advancements. Adani Green, being a major player in this industry, isn’t immune to these shifts. However, the company’s projects, size, and the fact that it’s a part of the highly dynamic renewable energy sector add a layer of complexity to the prediction.

Shareholding Changes

The recent changes in shareholding structure are also pivotal to understanding what might transpire tomorrow. The promoter holding decreased slightly from 60.5% to 56.27% over the last year, while there’s been an uptick in both Domestic Institutional Investors from 0.98% to 1.47% and Foreign Institutional Investors from 15.91% to 18.25%. These shifts suggest a changing confidence level among different investor classes, which could influence the stock’s direction.

Adani Green Share Price Target 2027

When we cast our eyes further into the future, towards 2027, the conversation about Adani Green Energy’s share price target becomes even more intriguing. With the company’s ongoing expansion and the increasing global emphasis on clean energy, I anticipate substantial market movements.

The significant infrastructural strides made by Adani Green, like the commissioning of a 150MW solar power project in Rajasthan and Mumbai’s first 400KV grid, underline the firm’s commitment to growth and suggest a trajectory that could bolster the stock’s performance. In light of these developments, Adani Green’s share price target might reflect investor confidence in the company’s ability to capitalize on India’s renewable energy boom.

Market Capitalisation Growth Trend:
By looking at the current market capitalisation of Rs. 1,78,203.65 crore, the potential for expansion and subsequent appreciation in share value by 2027 can be estimated. Market experts often project targets by extrapolating present growth rates and accounting for market dynamics. However, given the volatility and unpredictability inherent in stock markets, any price targets for 2027 need to be taken with a grain of salt and continually reviewed as conditions change.

Technical Indicators and Market Dynamics:
As of the latest trends, Adani Green Energy’s technical setup showcases potential future support and resistance levels, which often act as indicators for future price targets. Currently, the stock shows support at Rs. 3050 and resistance near Rs. 3190. Projections for 2027 must consider the possibility of new support and resistance levels emerging as the company grows and evolves.

Furthermore, the liquidity and size of Adani Green, evidenced by turnover figures and sell/buy order ratios, will potentially have evolved by 2027, allowing for more robust trading and possibly affecting market sentiment and share price stability.

Investors must stay aware of the broader macroeconomic environment and sector-specific trends which are bound to influence the share price target of energy companies, especially one as prominent as Adani Green Energy. Thus, while foresight is valuable, one should also maintain a degree of flexibility when speculating about share price targets several years down the line.

Adani Green Share Price Target Long Term

In the realm of long-term investment, forecasting share price targets is a blend of art and science. I’m diving into the long-term outlook for Adani Green Energy, which sits at the nexus of India’s renewable energy expansion. Adani Green’s share price projection is not just about the numbers but also encapsulates the company’s strategic positioning within the green energy sector.

The focus on renewable energy solutions is growing exponentially, and with Adani Green’s compelling portfolio of solar and wind power projects, there’s reason to believe in its sustained growth. Market capitalization is a critical indicator of a company’s value, and with Adani Green commanding a figure of Rs. 1,78,203.65 crore, it reflects investors’ confidence and the company’s robust financial health.

Technical IndicatorValue
Market CapRs. 1,78,203.65 Cr
Near-term SupportRs. 1,050
Near-term ResistanceRs. 1,190

Considering the volatility inherent in the stock market, it’s vital to approach Adani Green’s long-term share price targets with attention to technical setups and market dynamics. The presence of a substantial support level at Rs. 1,050 hints at a reliable safety net for the share price. Meanwhile, analysts point to various resistance levels, with the immediate one at Rs. 1,190.

In projecting a long-term target, it’s crucial to monitor the stock’s liquidity and how it maneuvers around these technical checkpoints. Speculations suggest that maintaining a strategic entry at Rs. 1,050 can be beneficial for those eyeing a long-term stake in Adani Green. Moreover, analysts are heralding a potential upswing to Rs. 1,250 in the near future, indicating a bullish sentiment.

I’m closely watching Adani Green Energy as it consistently breaks ground on new projects, like the notable solar power venture in Rajasthan and Mumbai’s first 400KV grid, underscoring the company’s dedication to scaling operations. These infrastructural milestones reinforce the likelihood of Adani Green’s upward trajectory in the long term and validate its place as a linchpin in the renewable energy apparatus.


What Is the Share Price of Adani Green Energy?

When discussing the share price of Adani Green Energy, it’s crucial to stay updated as the stock market is highly dynamic. As of my latest research, Adani Green Energy Ltd’s share price sits at Rs 1,446.95, representing a fractional decrease from the previous close of Rs 1,452.15. Keep in mind that share prices can fluctuate heavily even during a single trading session, and it’s paramount to check for the most recent values constantly.

Is Adani Green a Good Buy?

Deciding whether Adani Green is a good buy encompasses analyzing various factors, including financials, growth potential, and market conditions. Adani Green has a notable annual revenue growth of 37% and an ROE of 24%, which are strong indicators of its financial health. However, the company also has a high debt to equity ratio of 229.3, suggesting a heightened level of risk. Additionally, the overall sentiment in technical analysis and market trends must be considered before making investment decisions. I always recommend investors to scrutinize recent performance, market dynamics, and investment goals closely before proceeding.


Assessing Adani Green’s trajectory, it’s clear that the company’s share price is influenced by a myriad of factors, from market sentiment to its ambitious projects. While the technical indicators provide a roadmap, they’re just one piece of the puzzle. My take is that the company’s strong market presence and growth initiatives paint a promising picture for potential investors. It’s essential to keep a close eye on both the micro moves and macro trends that could sway Adani Green’s share price. Remember, investing is about informed decisions, so consider all angles before taking the plunge. Whether Adani Green will scale new heights remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a stock to watch in the renewable energy sphere.

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